Why it’s so hard to find the missing Titanic submersible | About That

Why it’s so hard to find the missing Titanic submersible | About That

A submersible taking tourists to the wreck of the Titanic has disappeared. Andrew Chang breaks down what we know about the vessel, who’s on board and what it’ll take to find it.

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52 Responses


    I’ve been a helicopter pilot all my life but I would never have dared get into this submersible. I pray for their safe recovery.

    • Olli Petterson says:

      Well put sir.

    • Ellie Holmes says:

      Me either. I don’t understand that mindset.

    • joseph thomas says:

      I agree, it’s quite interesting they claim we sent many men to the moon which is 500k miles round trip over 50 years ago, without many hiccups. But now we can’t find a sub that dives 2.5 miles in a documented area. I understand extreme pressure, and unpredictable currents but this just shows the true lack of our grasp on the sea. It’s the true abyss.

    • The RoxinatoR says:

      I never would have gotten into that thing and you couldn’t have paid me $250 Grand to do it. It’s almost like a neighbor scientist building his homemade submarine and trying to take you down 13,000 ft. Huge risk
      … Especially knowing that it was a Bluetooth game controller that controlled it. Absolutely insane.

    • Lori Colvin says:


  2. bb bb says:

    Imagine being a Titanic fanatic, and then, by a twist of fate, end up spending eternity with the victims of the original disaster

  3. Denise Sorenson says:

    Imagine the people trying to rescue these 5. Putting themselves in so much danger. God bless and prayers for all the families and crew for everyone’s safe return.

  4. The Muse Luci says:

    This only validates my claustrophobia combined with my fear of the dark and fear of the ocean. And also fear of being buried alive. It’s like the melting pot of panic attack for me just hearing about this.

  5. Alexis Pestorio says:

    Obviously something horribly went wrong if they didn’t even deploy the emergency signal and floaties or whatever mechanism to come to the surface.

    • Susanna says:

      They did deploy one emergency signal 1,5 hour after the start.
      Are people even listening when they read/watch news about something?

    • Ky E says:

      ⁠​⁠​⁠@SusannaOceanGate deployed the emergency signal, not Titan (the submersible)

    • M B says:

      @Ky E Glad you read/watched the news lol

    • Karthik says:

      ​@SusannaFrom where did you read it. We only read that the mother ship polar prince is the one that has given an emergency signal to the coast guards. Did you get some special report or what?

    • Brad mint says:

      @Susanna Where is Trudeau? They gave 3 “possible” names of the 5 “possible” passengers.. the thing was supposed to have a “drop weight” that would surface the vessel in the event of power loss..

  6. sharauro says:

    Just imagine the father who brought his son along the trip, knowing for certain what awaits them..prayers to them all

  7. Lets Be Healthy says:

    TERRIBLE! This must be absolutely terrifying for them. I hope they are found.

  8. Stugots says:

    Whoever this dude is that’s speaking, bravo. You’re very easy to listen to and understand!

  9. Alisha L says:

    I can’t even imagine being stuck in close quarters…under water… with no control for hours. It’s the most claustrophobic, helpless feeling. Hope they can find it in time…. 😢

    • Ferraro Annie says:

      It’s just unfathomably horrifying to me.

    • President Eden says:

      Imagine suffocating, because the oxygen runs out… I’d rather have it over and done with quickly. I hope they will be found alive and well though!

    • Irene Olsen says:

      All of that to see a rusty piece of old ship.

    • Dagoth Hyde says:

      They all died instantly

    • Yolanda Everett says:

      Just looking at that small sub is enough to send anyone’s anxiety into overdrive. I can’t imagine being locked in a room let alone in a small sub with 4 other ppl… submerged under water. How sad if they’re never found.

  10. Myname Private says:

    At this point I have read and watched so much media about this sad, scary story. CBS’s Andrew Chang’s reporting is the clearest by far, I’m an instant fan. My heart goes out to those on board. 🙏💛

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