Why Wall Street Is Buying So Many U.S. Homes

Why Wall Street Is Buying So Many U.S. Homes

Some Washington D.C. lawmakers want to limit Wall Street’s role in the housing market. In recent years, a small but mighty group of corporations bought hundreds of thousands of homes in sunbelt-region suburbs. These homes are traditionally a crucial investment for American families. But rising home prices are shutting would-be homebuyers out of the market. Meanwhile, financial groups are profiting from rising rents while their subsidiaries build small amounts of new standalone homes in the U.S.

Since the early 2010s, Tricon Residential, Progress Residential, American Homes 4 Rent, Invitation Homes have each bought thousands of homes. They’ve also added to the housing supply in some cases with built-for-rent communities.Some of these companies are financed by private equity firms like Blackstone and investment managers like Pretium Partners.

“It’s almost a captive market” said Jordan Ash, director of Labor-Jobs and Housing at the Private Equity Stakeholder Project. “They’ve been very explicit about how people are shut out of the homebuying market and are going to be perpetual renters.”

These calls come after fierce housing inflation hit many Sun Belt states, including Texas, Florida and Georgia, according to the National Association of Realtors. 

By 2030, the institutions may hold some 7.6 million homes, or more than 40% of all single-family rentals on the market, according to the 2022 forecast by MetLife Investment Management.

Watch the video above to learn about the rise and future of corporate landlords in the United States.

01:28 — Chapter 1: Landlords
05:02 — Chapter 2: Housing stock
07:55 — Chapter 3: Homebuying
09:46 — Chapter 4: Solutions

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Why Wall Street Is Buying So Many U.S. Homes

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29 Responses

  1. Darnell Capriccioso says:

    Hmm for 2023, it’s hard to nail down specific predictions for the housing market is because it’s not yet clear how quickly or how much the Federal Reserve can bring down inflation and borrowing costs without tanking buyer demand for everything from homes to cars.

    • Tatiana Starcic says:

      @richard hudson Having a counselor is essential for portfolio diversification. My advisor is Melissa Scott Glazner who is easily searchable and has extensive knowledge of the financial markets.

    • richard hudson says:

      @Tatiana Starcic that’s actually quite impressive, I could use some Info on your FA, I am looking to make a change on my finances this year as well.

    • Tatiana Starcic says:

      @Craig Daniels You are right! I diversified my 450K portfolio across various market with the aid of an investment coach, I have been able to generate a little bit above 1.3m in net profit across high dividend yield stocks, ETF and bonds.

    • Angela Maia says:

      @Craig Daniels Given current recession pressures, it is unlikely that the stock will yield substantial returns in the near term. However, it may be a suitable investment opportunity. I will monitor market conditions and consider purchasing when there is an improvement in the relevant economic indicators, any idea which stocks this may be?

    • Craig Daniels says:

      There is no greater freedom than handing back the key to a airbnb apartment knowing someone else has to maintain it. If you enjoy renovating and decorating then perhaps home ownership is for you. For me, property is another way we get tied down and outside of exceptional cases I’d rather invest in Stocks/REITS to get exposure to real estate and other investment opportunities.

  2. Aristotle says:

    Wall Street messing with people’s basic shelter like this is dangerous. TAX PRIVATE EQUITY NOW!

    • clot shots says:

      @Kevin Manan Local governments can raise property taxes on corporate and private equity landlords for single family residences like houses, condos, and townhouses.

    • Jamison Munn says:

      @Yellow Stoic who, homebuilders are at near highes and the 3 companies that own the most homes are American Homes for Rent, Blackstone and Chase.

    • Yellow Stoic says:

      Dw, these guys are going bankrupt lol.

    • Jamison Munn says:

      Tax won’t help. It should be illegal full stop! Single family homes should be restricted to individuals or couples only. Companies have no business owning the American Dream. Companies can already own all high rises, apartment complex and other multifamily units. They have no business owning single family homes.

    • Kevin Manan says:

      @Andrew Bellino Small businesses are NOT heavily impacted. The costs just gets passed. The idea is to be more innovative than Walmart, not compete with a megacorp. If your solution of a small business is one that underpays its employees to get a competitive advantage, I do not advocate for that.

  3. SAS Stewart says:

    We desperately need additional houses to be built. With affordability at an all time low, the ratio of houses to population needs to increase dramatically. That means increasing the housing supply AND limiting immigration only until that ratio balance improves.

  4. 23calvken says:

    Real estate investors were able to get properties at around 3.85% within the last 18 months. The current 30 year fixed for a primary residence buyer is about 6.5%. If you bought something in 2021, life is good. If you didn’t buy anything in 2021, it really sucks to be you.

  5. ITech Five says:

    Three of these rental companies own 85% of the homes in my neighborhood alone and they charge dbl. the rental as a whole. I was looking at them on Zillow, and they have the rent amt. sky high and each month they lower the price by $50 a month and if no one bites within the year than the next year they delist and start all over again at a sky-high price. All these homes have been unrented for past three years. These companies are vampires bleeding American families of generational wealth of owning a home I pray for a depression, so they all go bankrupt for their greed.

  6. Tycooperaow says:

    This is what I wanted to know for the longest! This message should be spread far and wide as this is the direct cause of home increases in the USA

    • Jacob Napkins says:

      @unity yes of course they will won’t make houses more affordable if populations keep up with the increase in supply and if it doesn’t than their would be no need to build either way they will never build to the point it would make housing more affordable which is why we need government policy to curb speculation.

    • ajoh432 says:

      @unity They said no, so obviously they’re right. They’re probably stupidly far-right, but yeah.

    • unity says:

      @Jacob Napkins Of course developers will build, when there is high demand, profits are to be made. Especially cities in states like New York, California, Texas and Florida. Allow the free market to satisfy demand and stop with this needless regulation on zoning.

    • Jacob Napkins says:

      @unity they are free to build no one will build if it lowers costs, it’s just goofy to pretend the magical supply fairy will come in and lower prices by making a lot of houses

    • unity says:

      @Tycooperaow Could you elaborate? City governments could lax zoning regulations to allow a diverse portfolio of homes instead of only allowing single family homes to be built. Which would in turn allow developers to build more housing in a single plot of land which would not only reduced costs but also help local businesses as well since there would more people in a given area.

  7. Judge Dredd says:

    My friend sold his house he just bought a few years prior in Reno for almost a 2.5 return. Problem is, it has been tough finding something to buy haha.

    • Kelsey Campbell says:

      This is a problem in today’s culture. Someone you think is your FREIND laughs at your struggles. You are a jealous person. Very sad. You probably have others who think you are their FREIND.

    • Goro Akechi says:


    • R S says:

      Best to rent for now, while prices come back down and invest the money while they wait. FYI…Reno homes have come down about 15% since March, and will likely come down another 15% this year. That is why it is best to wait and offset your rent with the investing return.

  8. TradewiseTV says:

    It’ll all backfire. Give it time. The big assumption is population growth, and I see population declines in the near future. It won’t take much to reverse this mess.

  9. Antony 24 says:

    It should be against the law for big corporations (REIG) to push families out of buying a home. Families should have first rights to the home no matter what the cost!! They are trying to take the American dream away of one day owning your own home.

  10. Aric Miller says:

    One problem is that Americans generally imagine a “home” as a single family home and not an apartment or condo. More people could be homeowners if there were more affordable multifamily homes. But existing NIMBY homeowners are vehemently against up zoning because it would reduce scarcity and potentially lower their property value.

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