Wii Sports Resort Deserved Better

Wii Sports Resort Deserved Better

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40 Responses

  1. Burback says:

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  2. PersimmonBoi says:

    I’m so glad they gave island flyover the love it deserves. but why wasn’t there a mode WITH NO TIME LIMIT???? I would’ve paid so much for that mode

    • ninabog says:

      i have so many memories of pumping the wii remote as fast as i can to boost over to the golf island to give myself the most time to explore it

    • Blaziken_99 says:

      There was a 3DS game, Pilotwings Resort, which was basically a fleshed-out full game version of the island flyover. I don’t think it quite matched the magic of the original but it was still fun

    • Christian Ames says:

      It isn’t exactly the same but in wii fit plus you can unlock free cycling with no time limit. You can’t get to wedge island but you get phenomenal ground-level views of the island with a lot of paths to explore.

    • TheNekOz says:

      ​@Blaziken_99It was one of my first 3DS games. Hours of car rides spent on exploring that island.

    • Kate TooLate says:

      Oh my gosh! Same!!

  3. HappyCloud says:

    So nice of Tony to invite this stranger on the channel!

  4. Ted Nivison says:

    Wii Sports Resort Deserved Better? More like: Burback Boys Deserve The World! Like if u agree <3

  5. Bluebatstar says:

    Wii Sports Resort holds such a special place in my heart. I’ve been playing it mostly my whole life and I still love it to this day, it’s the best in the Wii Sports series by far in my opinion.
    Wuhu Island is the best part in my opinion. I’ve never felt a feeling of home and joy with any other video game location and seeing it return in other games is always so special, even if it’s been a while since that happened. Island Flyover really is the thing that _made_ Wuhu Island.

    • yoursjuli says:

      have you ever played pilotwings resort for the 3ds!!!! i’ve had it since its release and it’s a whole game that’s _just_ the plane stuff and it’s still wuhu island. my motor skills aren’t great so it was much easier for me to play on a DS than with a wiimote and imo it has all the charm of its predecessor, with the bonus of being on a Portable console (and in 3D when that novelty was fresh, as finnicky as it was back then). highly recommend if you’ve never played it.

    • Bluebatstar says:

      @yoursjuli Unfortunately I haven’t, but I do want to give it a shot, it looks very fun. I’ve been looking for it in second hand game shops.

    • Adrenaline0413 says:

      @yoursjuli I remember seeing that game as a playable demo at a target way back when it came out. I thought it was amazing they made another game with wuhu island as a kid

    • NickMario1 says:

      @yoursjuli I have!

  6. yoursjuli says:

    my favorite thing to do on wii sports resort (as in i loved it more than any of the Actual games/sports) was actually the _practice_ for canoeing. there was a mother duck in the lake with a herd of ducklings and if you find her, all the babies swim away to different spots. you have to paddle around the lake and get all the lil duckies’ attention so they follow you, and you bring them back to their mama 🥹 it was so fun i would just do that for like an hour at a time by myself (✨️only child things✨️) 😭

    • Sharon Martin says:

      i had the exact same experience as a kid! i was so bad at canoeing but i spent a long time trying to find the duckies 😌

    • J-Sun says:

      This was also my favorite and I’m glad i’m not alone in seeing its charm!

    • Soup Bird says:

      thats exactly what i would do, i would never play the actual canoeing game, i would just wander around the lake, look at the scenery, and get a bunch of ducklings to follow me around

  7. Nintendo Hero says:

    Glad to see the greatest game of all time getting the recognition it deserves from my favorite twin YouTubers. The vibes of this game are just perfect

  8. The Hunter says:

    As someone who got the wii in 2010 this game was REALLY comforting to me. Island flight felt like a huge expansive world for exploring

  9. rkj says:

    Ah yes. The flippin dog, flying the airplane and trying to shoot everything on the island, the sword duel. Truly the best John Wick prequel I could think of.

  10. Hidden_Animator says:

    My university housemates and I spend hours playing this game multiple times a week. It’s a nostalgic blast from the past and still incredibly fun. Thanks for the video on this icon of entertainment

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