Wild Blue Yonder | Sonic Frontiers REVIEW

Wild Blue Yonder | Sonic Frontiers REVIEW

Here’s my review of Sonic Frontiers.

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“Reloaded Installer #11” by LHS.

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39 Responses

  1. InB4Ethan says:

    i was really curious to see how this game would shake out given the trailers. gameplay looked a lot better in this review. I’m surprised you can run around infinitely for exp and rings you’d think some playtesters would catch that lol

    • Dharengo says:

      @Andrew S Why? What’s wrong with it?

    • Dharengo says:

      @A Wild Moose You know what I mean, don’t give me that bad faith stuff.

    • Andrew S says:

      That feels a bit like a debugging mechanic they just forgot to remove, or a gameplay feature they couldn’t fix in time.

    • Garfield Odie says:

      @A Wild Moose That doesn’t make sense though XD either it works as intended or doesn’t work. Just because it doesn’t work how you’d like it to doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. It was a purposeful design choice not an unfinished move. And as far as that goes do you know how the game devs intended it to work? And we were talking about the cyloop move not the whole game. As far as the whole game goes sure it may be unpolished/unfinished, but the game looks fun to me regardless, and there are plenty of other unfinished/unpolished games I have had fun with and others yet that have been scored pretty highly, so it honestly won’t bother me too much as long as it’s fun. Try to be a little grateful some saps worked away in an office for five years to bring this to you. If you don’t think you’ll like it don’t buy it, it’s as simple as that, don’t let it take over your mind space and make you negative. It doesn’t have to bother you other people might enjoy the game even if it’s not perfect. To be fair I have my criticisms from what I’ve seen but I’m going to play it first and if I have fun with it that’s great. This is to say that you can say what you want and criticize the game but when you make a claim know what you are talking about, otherwise you’re attributing the issue to the wrong thing and it at the very least comes off as slander. If you don’t like the game that’s cool but don’t immediately go to it’s the game’s fault, especially if you haven’t played it. It might just not be for you. And if getting rings from the cyloop is that bad just don’t use it.

    • A Wild Moose says:

      @Garfield Odie it is intentional, after they failed to make it work properly. Come on, common sense. The game is filled with unpolished/finished shit.

  2. Fossilized_Nerd says:

    Worth noting that the voice actor is the same as he’s been for ages – it’s the DIRECTION that is different. They told RCS to voice Sonic differently to match the tone of the game; don’t blame the unusual voice acting on the actor in this case.

    • honey says:

      Yeah, I’ve noticed that a voice director can make a skilled actor or actress sound terrible

    • Mad Society20294 says:

      @Maxi I never liked Roger’s voice for Sonic til this game.

    • Maxi says:

      Personally I was never a fan of Roger, no disrespect to the actor himself, he’s a great performer, but his voice just isn’t sonic to me. Losing Jason Griffith for this really stung, but I do think frontiers is the best he’s sounded thus far.

    • lnsflare1 says:

      @SleepyFawn See above: I was talking about Arlo not having played any voiced Sonic game since SA2, which was 2 voice actors before RCS.

    • SleepyFawn says:

      ​@lnsflare1 No? This is the same actor from the last decade

  3. SuperStaticPro says:

    As someone who hasn’t played the game yet, (btw thank you for not spoiling. I’m very grateful.) This review helps paint the picture of the game so clearly. I’m looking forward to playing it.

    (Side Tangent. Sonic’s sound like a 40 year Chris Redfield for over 10 years. I myself have never been a fan of it.)

    Also the lack of polish whether it’s big or small always been apart of Sonic Games. Even the Good Ones.

    I heard Sonic Team had to convince Sega to give them an extra year of development time.

  4. Defor Dumbas says:

    Seriously you had me for a second.
    In regards to the VA for sonic, it is a point of contention within the fandom btw, since some prefer the other 3 from before.

  5. Mojo1356 says:

    It’s very funny that you say Chris Redfield specifically. Wether it was intentional or not, they do have the same VA. As for my thoughts on his performance here, I need more time to think on it. This is a very different direction he went in this game compared to the rest of his career. He’s a lot deeper for starters, and he’s also not nearly as cheesy as before.

    • Mojo1356 says:

      @kfcnyancat also, don’t disrespect the Mario movie just yet. Yes- the casting choices seem very odd- especially Chris Pratt, but while he still seems eh, Jack Black gave amazing first impressions as Bowser.

    • Mojo1356 says:

      @kfcnyancat don’t bother with him. Trying to reason with people like him does nothing but start toxic fights.

    • kfcnyancat says:

      @Brish Dimler No? Yeah Bayonetta’s old voice actor was a grifter, but that’s one person.
      It is true that voice acting is taken more seriously in Japan (France is similar,) VAs are celebrities in their own right there, but that reflects on society, not VAs. English VAs deserve more respect instead of major motion pictures opting for celebrities that often can’t voice act. Not to have their real concerns invalidated by one grifter.

    • Mojo1356 says:

      @Brish Dimler also, unless it’s for some anime, I couldn’t give 2 cares about Japanese voice acting.

    • Mojo1356 says:

      @Brish Dimler that’s still weeb talk saying English voice acting sucks in comparison always. You’re just backing yourself into a corner more and more.
      For the auto delete, it’s more likely that your comment was deleted because you tried using an F bomb in an Arlo video.
      Edit: assuming you’re telling the truth about preferring a lot of English things over Japanese, that just means you’re not a full on Otaku. Doesn’t save you from being a weabou.

  6. rebeckymo says:

    You had me in the first couple minutes, Arlo, not gonna lie…Your remarks about it needing polish, but ultimately being a fun, good game seems to be the consensus overall, and I can’t WAIT to get my mitts on Frontiers and see for myself. I do hope this is a new beginning for Sonic games in terms of style, because it certainly seems to be one they can build on in future games.

  7. Soffy Vlogs says:

    When you said at the beginning that you weren’t having a great time, I won’t lie, my heart sank. But the general consensus seems to be that this game is actually pretty damned good. I’m excited to play it tomorrow 😁

  8. Ivo Zamora says:

    21:26 Yes they confirmed that this game will lay the foundation for the next decade of Sonic.

  9. RJS says:

    I was expecting an okay Sonic game at most.
    To hear the game be described as things like very good and very fun makes me very happy.
    Congratulations, Sega. You’ve captured some of what made Sonic Sonic again. Not all of it mind you, but some.
    And that’s way more than what I can say for your past failures, well done.

  10. Golinth says:

    Felt my heart sink at the start of this review, happy to hear that the game is at least decent

    • LocoMotivo says:

      From what I saw and played (quite a bit out of it already), it’s a fairly decent game. One of the best 3D Sonic experience I have had as others said, but as a game in general it’s still _heavily_ flawed. Though, what matters the most is that this _feels_ like a _right_ direction for Sonic. They got the ideas right, but unfortunately missed a few marks with the execution here and there.

      I consider Frontiers as a “Fun and promising tech demo with _astronomical_ potentials, which may serve as a foundation for an absolute banger of AAA title in the future”.

    • M I L K M A N says:

      Don’t let someone else form your opinions for you!! People have different preferences and that’s ok!

    • Bread Crumbs says:

      @Kieran Stark Maybe Sonic games are not that great…?

    • ali says:

      @Brish Dimler yeah everyone video game is moving and doing tasks if you put it all like that

    • Just A Random User says:

      @ᴋᴀᴍᴇᴋ Except gaming journalists aren’t experts and most of the time their opinions could be just for clicks rather than an actual review

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