World’s Deadliest Laser Maze!

World’s Deadliest Laser Maze!

I can’t believe what happened at the end…
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42 Responses

  1. MrBeast says:

    Before anyone asks, I blew them up when they touched a laser because it was cooler then them just walking off set. No one died in this filming haha

  2. Smart Doctor 👨‍⚕️ says:

    Jimmy’s videos have transformed into high-octane action-packed blockbusters by now 😂

  3. Make Sushi 1 says:

    These laser sets were next level 😲

  4. Ujjwal Gamerz says:

    The fact that Jimmy is personally familiar with what happens when you dive into a cube full of money.

  5. حاكم الاساطير says:

    Props to Blake for actually trying to do the courses and making the challenge more entertaining, you should definitely bring him back.

  6. Jaroslav Novotny says:

    This content is just out of this world. Jimmy is a genius

  7. Hasan 3step says:

    This was such a unique idea and looked expensive to make. The effort mr beast and the team puts in is impressive as usual

  8. Matt Chessco says:

    Huge props to the editors and desingers the set was spot on This is absolutely next level content for years to come.

  9. Jenn Renee says:

    It’s so amazing to see how far he has come with his channel and the things he has been able to accomplish because of it. ❤

  10. Aarav Verma says:

    Huge props to the editor and designers, the sets was spot on!!

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