You Can’t Hide! – FNAF VR 2 Like a Mexican

You Can’t Hide! – FNAF VR 2 Like a Mexican

Five Night’s at Freddy’s Help Wanted 2 Part 3

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32 Responses

  1. @Ethan_Chappell says:

    Him and markiplier playing this game has made my Christmas break 100x better.

  2. @alyssaleon588 says:

    Watching eddie play five nasty ass fools is the best:)

  3. @arenisme says:

    Eddie being a makeup artist is now my favorite segment

  4. @ricardorodriguez9488 says:

    I would pay good money to hear Eddie explain the five nasty ass fools lore 😂

    • @Soxynos says:

      It’s the only lore that I care for. I want to know how his relationship with Kentucky started and why it got to the point where she’s stalking him and stealing his food.

    • @chickyadventuresplayz3954 says:

      @@Soxynos it started in fnaf 2 when he got really annoyed with kentucky. he then ate kfc as a bit and that’s how it all started

    • @ikhpie4977 says:

      ​@@chickyadventuresplayz3954I need to know all the Five Nasty @ss Fools lore that has Eddy in it, You made me want it more

  5. @DUCK-WITH-COFFEE says:

    I love watching funny Mexican man scream at robots in Spanish

    • @Emily-rd4kh says:

      Me to when he’s playing five nasty ass fools is amazing *😄*

    • @harley6698 says:

      Who needs a Spanish tutor when he can just watch him? Yell, in Spanish have no idea what he’s saying until there’s subtitles. I’ve learned so much. He is hilarious. I am so glad. I’ve been watching him these past years on different accounts.

  6. @Andyy6032 says:

    Even though Markiplier and other youtubers make more content, I still want to enjoy the FNaF VR 2 with you 😊

  7. @certifiedhamster says:

    Seeing Eddie give Roxy a lobotomy with a paintbrush is a wonderful beginning to the video

  8. @changeuphitter5678 says:

    petition to officially rename the makeup minigames to “Eddie’s Salon”

  9. @Official_YukidadragonYT says:

    An Eddie post a day keeps the depression away.

  10. @ayanoaishiyan-chan1259 says:

    Can we appreciate the fact that they released a 2nd fnaf vr

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