We Solved Hilarious Moral Dilemmas

We Solved Hilarious Moral Dilemmas

if there is an option to eliminate even a single child from this earth, I will take it at any cost. THANK YOU GRACE FOR COMING ON THIS INSANE STREAM
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  1. frog fox says:

    For the child and the tunnel with the AI, the reasoning for the child is you DO NOT want to give an AI choice to kill it’s passengers. You DO NOT want AI that will drive off a cliff if it detects a child on the road, because if something goes wrong and that ISN’T a child on the road, it has just killed it’s passengers for nothing.

    • Nuno💋 says:

      18+ Content Cloveer.Monster

      mejores 😘
      siempre en mi corazón
      mañas no se la.💟
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos.

    • Emmett m says:

      @frog fox yes, I think driverless vehicles should chose to take the lives of the drivers in the first place. Drivers should have to sign a waiver or contract that allows such to happen, that person would not have died if you chose not to drive that day, the owness is on the one who is in the car not the pedestrians who would become victims. I would prefer a car to without my decision take my own life than that of another, if I cannot make that decision in the moment myself by driving I would rather it take my life, and I would have to accept that risk when I got into a driverless car

    • Zabdiel Nevares says:

      @Stephanie Baker such a bad ideology

    • Acertive Pillow says:

      Yeah, and if the car erroneously assumed the luggage at the back of the car was 2 passengers, you’d have killed a child for nothing.

      These dilemmas assume the tech is sound enough to make these calls. Otherwise we don’t have the info to make these calls and the cars are simply not ready for the road.

    • Funny Valentine says:

      protocol 3: protect the pilot

  2. jobrien51 2 says:

    In all honesty this game is super fascinating to me because I took a medical ethics course last semester and the medical questions in this video were oftentimes real issues that have happened and people had to make this choice. But also most of the time Charlie picked the one that is generally agreed upon to be the worse choice

    • jobrien51 2 says:

      @Sydney Rideout thats something that was really intriguing to me about medical ethics because I totally feel the same way

    • Sydney Rideout says:

      I thought his choices were interesting because as a human I’d agree with most of his medical choices but through the eyes of a doctor/healthcare professional id disagree with him

  3. Crimm says:

    hi Grace you sure are cool I sure hope that this video doesn’t have complex moral dilemmas that’s will reveal concerning facets of your character

  4. Trololoface Ten says:

    You know, this game *does* have a message, but it’s really hard to take it seriously when it presents you with harvesting the organs of a random patient to give to other people like its a perfectly okay thing to do (which wasn’t in this video, but was a choice in the THC/Hospital section)

    • Moose Sues says:

      @North1233 EYAHAHA what the hell??

    • Pan Manteca says:

      The “Harvesting ogans of a random patient” one was good because if you look at it purely from a “Lives saved” standpoint it’s the exact same as the first trolley question, just this time it’s more personal.
      I think it’s meant to highlight WHY you chose to kill the one guy in the first question (If that’s what you picked), since if it was just “I picked it because it saves more lives” then logically you should harvest the guy’s organs, which obviusly almost nobody did.

  5. Solesteam says:

    The problem is: They give you some knowledge that you normally wouldn’t have, but not all of it, just enough to make you think your doing the right thing… But not enough to do the actual right things…

    • Nash says:

      @Arandomcommenter Because it’s not supposed to be fair or reasonable, it’s supposed to make you feel bad about yourself no matter what

    • Knopfir says:

      @Arandomcommenter welcome to real life where people can and will blame you for every choice you make

    • Arandomcommenter says:

      @Joe Mama Yeah so why blame the player? You can’t know the exact results so why blame the player

  6. Animagician says:

    did I watch this entire VOD? yes. am I watching this video as well? absolutely

  7. TwistedSab3r says:

    16:13 “I think made racist AI cars on accident, that like…. kill peoples dogs?”

    Average day in the world of Charlie Slmccl

  8. Anwerty says:

    I can’t help but notice that Grace had trouble seeing things on the screen. Maybe it’s because of how much she’s been staring at the sun so much

  9. HowlingCreator says:

    I really lost the plot of this game after the cars were possessed, I’ll be honest. Like how did we get to the secret service after being considered a disgrace because of the cars? I don’t know, and frankly I was just along for the ride at the point lmao but yes, Grace was right. Anything to get out of this universe honestly

  10. NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip says:

    Charlie the gamer hanging out with Grace the gamer girlfriend is such a wholesome sight, love this so much

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