You Don’t Know How to Brush Your Teeth | Style Theory

You Don’t Know How to Brush Your Teeth | Style Theory

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You’ve been brushing your teeth WRONG for years. First we taught you how to wash your legs, then we taught you how to shave, and NOW we’re teaching you how to brush your teeth… and it all comes down to your toothbrush. Which do you think will be better, the $1 toothbrush or the $100 toothbrush. The answer may actually surprise you…
Writers: Matthew Patrick, Amy Roberts, and Eddie “NostalGamer” Robinson
Editors: Gerardo Andrés Mejía Torres, Danial “BanditRants” Keristoufi, and Koen Verhagen
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
Thumbnail Artist: DasGnomo
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42 Responses

  1. @PiotrIrving says:

    I’m a dentist. You can brush your teeth with a manual or an electric toothbrush. It’s all about your technique! Electric toothbrushes are great because they make brushing easier. They can also have cool features like a timer and a pressure sensor. That’s why I recommend them. But remember, toothbrushes bristles can’t fit between your teeth. That’s why we say to use floss, to clean those tight spots.

    It’s best to brush your teeth two times every day, but if you can only do it once, do it before bed. When you sleep, you don’t want the germs in your mouth to eat your dinner leftovers all night. When you brush with toothpaste that has fluoride, only spit it out and don’t rinse if you are a grown up. You want the fluoride to stay on your teeth to make them strong!

    • @Lmb_kun says:

      So the 2 minute rule for brushing is pointless..

    • @Furen says:

      ​@@Lmb_kunhe mentioned a timer. My toothbrush has a pressure senser to watch me from pressing too hard, and goes off every 30 seconds to tell me to move on. It reminds me to check everywhere.

      However, as a once-a-dayer, I’m glad that before bed is better than the morning since that’s what I do. Maybe this will push me to be a 2 times a day person though.

    • @polarbearbianca says:

      Hurray! I was going to say this too. My old dentist told me all of the same things. It doesn’t matter if you’re using manual or electric, but it’s your technique that matters the most is what I wanted to highlight.

    • @spyrothetimelord says:

      Now I need to check if my sensodine / pronamel toothpaste has fluoride

    • @itachii267 says:

      Can you use the waterpic instead of actual floss?

  2. @SangoProductions213 says:

    I mean, I think the most important thing that you are getting here:
    Even after each day, *after brushing,* you still have plaque build up. Do not skip brushing. It builds up quick, and eats through your virtually irreplaceable teeth.

    • @SarahAbramova says:

      Don’t skip flossing either

    • @my_ass_is_burning says:


    • @user-kt2pe9bn2w says:

      @@SarahAbramova I can confirm being raised in a dentist household I was told constantly that flossing IS PART of the brushing process. Your tooth brush can not reach in-between your teeth, and since your teeth are a three-dimensional object, plaque can build up and start forming cavities anywhere on the outside of your teeth.

    • @Iceharuyuki says:

      IDK about that I have skipped brushing plenty of times and my teeth have always been healthy Not one issue. Back before I was told I had type 2 diabetes I rarely flossed and had a day or two where I forgot to brush and was only brushing once a day. NEVER had an issue, Healthy teeth. I still have a healthy mouth but to combat other health issues I floss daily and brush 2 if not 3 times a day and Sometime I only do it once a day But still no issues. See that in just myself I figure that if you’re at least more regular and miss here or there the damage wont be even half as bad as if you don’t brush or floss at all.

    • @piratemann5098 says:

      The 10th dentist recommends you don’t brush your teeth at all. That way they could make more money.

  3. @sofisophiso5180 says:

    Would’ve been great if you also did this video with someone who uses brackets! A different perspective. With braces, mechanical brushes can get destroyed (and Manual brushes too), and flossing with braces is can be hard

  4. @KevinIsGhoulish says:

    Remember not to brush too aggressively! Gum receding’s number one cause is aggressive brushing

  5. @ojyochan says:

    In defense of the Sonicare: I brush too hard with any other brush, which led to gum recession. The Sonicare ended my gum recession and is therefore 100% worth it to me.

    • @Iceharuyuki says:

      I’m like that too I had to learn to lighten up a bit . I’m heavy handed though. I started using a firm brush which allowed my get that clean feeling I’m looking for but without me brushing so hard. and I had to learn to brush in a circular motion in stead of back and forth.

    • @sevenmillionhobbies7840 says:

      Here here

    • @MegaLokopo says:

      So why does my dentist say I need to brush harder to prevent recessing gums?

  6. @DarkRevolution says:

    We found him! Mat was the the one of the tenth dentist that didn’t recommend that toothpaste!

  7. @heftyrumble says:

    I just got a new toothbrush. What impeccable timing, Matpat

  8. @aytch000 says:

    As a person who uses the manual toothbrush for years and years on end, I see this as an absolute win.

  9. @ArcaneSnowflake says:

    another factor that affects how well you brush is how crowded are your teeth. For example it is more difficult for me to brush properly as my teeth are packed to the point that my teeth rotated a little to make space for themselves. from the front my teeth are straight and easy to brush but in the back it is hard to reach without practically shoving my toothbrush right into my gag reflex

    • @morrigankasa570 says:

      Yep, my teeth aren’t crowded like that. BUT, my teeth are crowded in a way that makes it so I can’t use regular Floss. It gets caught between my teeth and it’s a pain to remove that. So instead I have to use a rubber pick to get something close to proper flossing.

    • @Swaindog13 says:

      Teeth Genetics can really be a Lottery in My opinion. I had a buddy who nearly never brushed his teeth when he came to stay the night, etc as kids/teens. Never had regular check-ups/cleanings. He never had any large issues, nor never needed braces. I had the opposite experience, all while trying to do everything proper to take care of them. It really made me resent my Teeth/Smile for years and years.

    • @jp_ravenfire8646 says:

      My bottom front teeth are so crammed that I can’t even get floss in between them.@@morrigankasa570

    • @dragonflies6793 says:

      The back being hard to reach without going right into your gag reflex is so much of my experience! It’s tough.

  10. @dakotahill6370 says:

    Style theory idea: does those shampoo/body wash combo soaps clean better than individual shampoo and body wash, or does mixing them cause the effectiveness to fall off

    • @John-Smith02 says:

      I think “mixing them” isn’t what you meant. You meant is using both, though separately but in the same shower cycle causing them to not be as effective as they can be.

    • @HeatherGermaine says:

      ​​@@John-Smith02 I think that is what they meant, though. There are shampoos out there that say they double as body wash lol

    • @John-Smith02 says:

      @@HeatherGermaine ohhhh you right. Sorry I’m high rn.
      I was thinking like body wash and conditioner being used in one shower session instead of the combo lol

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