Your Minecraft may be infected with a virus. [CRITICAL]

Your Minecraft may be infected with a virus. [CRITICAL]

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Realtime updates:

Guide and flowchart:

Detection tool + confirmed infected mods:

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46 Responses

  1. anik says:

    I downloaded it like 4-5 months ago, should I worry about the virus?

  2. Ishan says:

    Good that the community went nuts over this real quick
    Bad that even the checkers might have infected versions in the internet

  3. Mr Dan says:

    Thanks for posting this here as well, the more people that share it the better as it’s obviously not going to be heard by everyone if it’s posted in just the more “hardcore” modding communities!

  4. Skeleton Warlord says:

    As someone who hasn’t ever played with mods and plays on a console, I’m glad I’m safe. But I hope this gets taken care of fast.

  5. Ambitious Emerald says:

    Phoenix may make cursed content, but the fact that he also makes serious content like this and warns others about a virus is why I enjoy his videos.

  6. JoJo says:

    If a virus makes everyone to stay inside the house, I’m okay with it. But if a virus makes everyone not to play Minecraft, I’m against that at all costs.

  7. John Dolenc says:

    Note: this msg only applies to the modded community. The entire malware is hidden inside Minecraft mods not Minecraft itself. The first sighting of this malware was in April, so anything downloaded before that should be safe. If you suspect you are infected follow the given flow chart and don’t open recently downloaded mods. Past that, happy mining and crafting, stay safe, and have a good time with 1.20

  8. ZooM Strike Gaming says:

    Good job covering this. Its amazing how quick the community was to make virus scanners for it. Props to the contributers!

  9. xxo3 says:

    Good job informing people about this as quickly as possible, i’m surprised Mojang haven’t issued any warnings about this, since it’s such an important topic.

    • Interstormer78 says:

      Mojang are probably working internally on this and also there isn’t a point as most people know about this at this point and having them post about it will only create panic and chaos

    • BlueFire Animations says:

      ​​@Interstormer78 They can’t “work internally” on this, it has nothing to do with Mojang other than by relation to Minecraft. CurseForge and Bukkit’s plugin site are both infected, the former being a mod distribution site, and the latter being a Bukkit plugin distribution site. Neither of which have anything to do with Mojang.

      CurseForge says that they fixed the problem, (I wouldn’t trust them on that, though) and I haven’t heard anything from Bukkit so far.

    • TimeWarpDrive 77 says:

      Mojang is too busy ruining the game

    • Bard says:

      They specifically updated their launcher to say that modded versions of minecraft are unsafe for this reason. By doing so, they remove any and all responsibility regarding malware in modded versions of the game.

  10. HereticHazel says:

    While people who are actually at risk definitely need to check, I’d like to dispel some of the unnecessary fear I’ve seen around:
    First off, this only spreads through jar files, and its very new. If you haven’t downloaded any jar files after late april, you have no reason for concern. Certain platforms such as modrinth are also confirmed as having no infected files. This also means that ONLY jar files are affected, launchers themselves are safe unless they’re written in java themselves (i saw some people who thought the technic launcher exe was infected, but thats simply impossible with this). What it does is it spreads to other jar files on your system, as long as you were never infected in the first place it’s still safe to play vanilla and modded

    Of course at the end of the day it doesnt hurt to check, but I’m seeing a lot of people getting super stressed about it when they’re not even at risk

    • Syndiate says:

      Yeah I think Phoenix SC should’ve specified this in the video

    • Interstormer78 says:

      Is it on optifine by any chance as i have downloaded it in the past week

    • BlueFire Animations says:

      ​@Interstormer78 No, not to my knowledge, but you should check for the directory anyways, it doesn’t hurt anything.

    • Andre Amaral says:

      I downloaded a modpack on the curse forge app is that safe?

    • Interstormer78 says:

      @Andre Amaral Which modpack btw?
      And also there is a high chance that it is infected so i recommend scanning and removing any sensitive info on your computer

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