You’re a Dream of the Universe (According to Science)

You’re a Dream of the Universe (According to Science)

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Absolutely everything you think about yourself and the universe could be an illusion. As far as you know, you are real and exist in a universe that was born 14 billion years ago and that gave rise to galaxies, stars, the Earth, and finally you. Except, maybe not.


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35 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    To get started planning a fulfilling career that does a lot of good, go to for your free career guide.

  2. the Qu says:

    Fun fact: if you were a Blotzman brain, then you are the one who came out with all philosophies, sciences, theories, and literature in the entirety of history

  3. Checkmate_Edits says:

    As long as Kurzgesagt keeps these iconic animations and transitions consistent throughout the whole video I’m happy to watch at the cost of an existential crisis 😂

    • Xanboyyy says:

      Brilliant move… eh I mean comment

    • Eamonn Dalton says:

      nah, easy fix – don’t have an existential crisis. What got me through mine was the realisation if that nothing matters, then why does it matter that nothing does? Just gives you the freedom to live how you want, without infringing on the happiness of other people. If you’ve learned of a philosophy that scares you, like this one, just remember; it doesn’t change anything, because it always was. It’s nothing to be afraid of. Live life good my g. (I know you were kidding, man, but I just wanted to share that 🙂 )

  4. Balaj Prasanna says:

    Who ever wrote this script! Kudos, thank you and take our love. Kurzgesagt is amazing and I will never be tired of saying this. Steve’s voice is top class as always. ❤

  5. Matthew Seldon says:

    The thing is, even if i am the dream of a dead universe, this feels real enough to me. It doesnt matter if it is “real” or not – in the end I believe im here. Whether it be hallucinatory or genuine its still a life that is convincingly real, so live it anyways yk

    • Nickson Radziecki says:

      “If you can’t tell the difference then it doesn’t matter” – (some movie about robots that the name of i don’t remember

  6. elderstep says:

    Best thing about this video: Rather than positing all of this speculation as being some kind of “truthiness,” they are very careful to explain what this is: a thought experiment that (at present) is allowed by our current, (admittedly limited) understanding of how things work, and is only one of the things that could possibly be possible, unless we turn out to understand things wrong, which we almost certainly do, since we have always only ever understood things at least partially wrong.

    I love Kurzgesagt for both allowing for the trippy thought experiment, but also for not trying to convince us that merely because a thing is possible, the thing must be true. Are you a floating brain? Could be. You could also be a tiger in pajamas, hallucinating in a glass of prune juice. But for both of those – probably not.

    • Alkis D. says:

      And yet, I fear, they’re going to be horribly misunderstood by the “what if” crowd, who behave as if the mere formulation of a hypothetical scenario by a THC-infused brain is in itself evidence that the hypothesis is true.

      “Duuuude! What if—what if our whole universe is a game of Sims running on a quantum computer and deja vu happens when the player messes up and they quickload!”
      “Broooooo! What if the whole universe is inside a proton in another universe and that’s inside a proton in a higher universe and it just goes on and on like a fractal!”

    • Evan Anderson says:

      To be fair to the idiots out there..

      The title literally says “You’re a dream of the universe (according to science)!!”

      You have to have prior knowledge or actually listen to what he says in the video to understand that it’s just a thought experiment, a concept some people have a hard time grasping.

  7. Matt Golman says:

    Greg Egan has a book called Permutation City that explores concepts similar to the ones presented in this video. It definitely falls into the category of sci-fi where the author had a cool idea and wanted to share it, so the characters are a little dull but it’s worth the read regardless.

  8. Vilija Leitanaite says:

    Huge compliments to the animation team. What a work of art.

  9. KnopperDog says:

    I’ve always liked thinking about how there are an infinite amount of alternate universes divided by a near infinite amount of time where the universe goes through heat death and over the course of a ridiculous amount of time, the universe would find itself in the same state it was in the beginning and with that, the probability of us being us again. The probability of us being here now is basically impossible, and so is the probability of it happening again, and again, and again.

    • Franck says:

      That’s the problem with infinites: an infinty of potential univerese multiplied by 1/infinity of chane you exist in it can still beequal to infinity, or 0.
      And that’s to me the eeal problem with the Boltzman brain: with the expected heat death of the universe, the possibility to form structures may drop faster than the accumulation of spacetime, resulting in 0 BB.

    • Kezia says:

      Or rather, the probability of us being here is infinite, and the probability of us existing again is also infinite (assuming the same beliefs as were assumed in the video). It basically HAS to happen, and as long as it does happen, we will be able to ‘observe’ ourselves, because we are there to observe ourselves, which means we will always be there to observe ourselves, and always will have been there to observe ourselves.

    • MLBlue30 says:

      So, there’s an infinitesimal chance in the expanse of eternity for an near infinitely brief moment… I could see my Mom again?

    • KnopperDog says:

      @MLBlue30 i can relate with that

  10. buccaneerrex says:

    I used to get Boltzmann Brains and the Bekenstein Bound mixed up in my head. Not sure if the Boltzmann bound would be the maximum amount of entropy a given brain could hold, or the maximum number of brains you could fit into a given region of space.

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