✈️ The Maddening Mess of Airport Codes! ✈️

✈️ The Maddening Mess of Airport Codes! ✈️

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## Special Thanks
+ William Raillant-Clark, ICAO Communications Officer: https://www.icao.int/secretariat/SecretaryGeneral/Pages/Communications.aspx
+ Tom Ratcliffe: https://www.yhmdesigns.ca/
+ Dave English: https://www.daveenglish.com/
+ Michael Culhane: http://www.acceleratedaviation.com/
+ Graeme Peppler: https://www.aviationpublishers.com/
+ Canadian Aviation Historical Society: https://www.cahs.com/
+ Ingenium – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation: https://ingeniumcanada.org/
+ Perry Flint, IATA Head of Corporate Communications, USA: https://www.iata.org/

## Patreon Executive Producers
Bobby, Bob Kunz, Andrew Bereza, Rebecca Wortham, Nevin Spoljaric, Donal Botkin, BN-12, Andrea Di Biagio, George Lin, Katie Scheper, Jeromy Johnson, David Tyler, iulus, Xueqi, Richard Jenkins, Phil Gardner, Martin, Steven Grimm, Andrew, Colin Millions, Henry Ng, Tim Stumbaugh, Alex Simonides, Jason Lewandowski, David White, shannon cherng, سليمان العقل, Nicholas Welna, rictic, Bogdan Toma, Brian Tillman, Chad Bramwell, jill hoffman, Nicolas Dedual, Nancy Flores, Meekay, Anthony Paolilli, Dennis Dimka, Daniel Kwak, Derek Bonner, Mikko, Orbit_Junkie, Nick Muggio, William Sasko, Darn, chrysilis, Drago175, Eliri Santana DeHendrick, Freddi Hørlyck, John Rogers, Rhys Parry, Veronica Peshterianu, Peter Lomax, John Lee, Maxime Zielony, and Elizabeth Keathley

## Music & Sound
+ David Rees: http://www.davidreesmusic.com

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27 Responses

  1. CGP Grey says:

    Thank you all my Bonnie Bee Backers for letting me spend an unreasonable % of my year working on Airplane videos: https://www.patreon.com/cgpgrey And it’s been… quite a year too, which I’ll be talking about on Cortex soon: https://www.youtube.com/cortexfm
    🎄Merry Christmas, everyone! 🎄I wish you all the best in your lives.

  2. Germaphobe says:

    I feel like CGP Grey is on the brink of starting his own airport

  3. Kalamari says:

    I love the idea of Grey just diverting flights and lecturing to random people on planes.

  4. RickWemd says:

    I really love the fact that Grey continues to accidentally roast Social-Security Number in both airport-themed videos

  5. Daniel Belchamber says:

    Grey, I just have to say thank you for diving into the monstrosities of reality and bringing back a story for our entertainment and education. You genuinely make me feel less alone by proving that there are others who fight valiantly to make sense of this insane world. Thank you!

  6. Arnau Adell says:

    I swear, this guy’s production quality is through the roof.

  7. Canada says:

    I would gladly watch a 45+ minute video where Grey explains all the parts that he skips over because it’s “too complicated” or “not enough time”

  8. Ahmad Alali says:

    Being trapped with CGP Grey on a long fight would be an entertaining yet daunting experience. 😂😂

  9. AlphaPhoenix says:

    For some reason two stick figures staring directly at the camera with Grey exasperatedly yelling “finally!” just killed me.

  10. japzone says:

    Every CGP Grey video feels like I was wandering the desert and found an oasis.

    • Douglas Mörth says:

      More like you are wandering the desert and found an oasis which turns out not be an oasis because the desert you have been walking through is not a desert. That is becuase of the type of sand the desert that you’re in compile of is not exactly defined as a desert-type sand by an agency you never heard of. So it turns out that you are really just at a lake in a dry place.

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