Change Your Life – One Tiny Step at a Time

Change Your Life – One Tiny Step at a Time

Change Your Life – One Tiny Step at a Time
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If you are like most people, there is a gap between the person you are and the person you wish to be. There are little things you think you should do and big things you ought to achieve.
From working out regularly, eating healthy, learning a language, working on your novel, reading more or simply actually doing your hobby instead of browsing reddit.
But it can seem that to achieve your goals, you have to become a different person. Someone who is consistent, puts in more effort, has discipline and willpower. Maybe you have tried your hardest to be like that. And it worked! For a while. Until you find yourself slipping back into your old ways. In the end, you always seem to fail. And with every failed attempt, you become more and more frustrated and annoyed with yourself.
If you believe “success and hustle” internet, it is all your own fault: if you don’t succeed, you just didn’t want it enough and the failure is all you. But change is actually hard. But as with most things in life, understanding why makes things easier.


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30 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    If you want a bit of help on your personal change journey, based on our experiences, the science we read, conversations with experts and beautiful illustrations, get our Habit Journal here:
    Not only might it make the process easier, you support us so we can do videos like this one and publish them for free.

    • u says:

      The Illuminati know – God exists.
      I am writing this to enable people to know that the Devil actually exists. But there is hope. Our Saviour Jesus Christ died so that we will live.
      Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me”. John 14:6

    • James Paguip says:

      @Kurzsgesagt Nuclear wastes is not glowing goop, nuclear wastes are solid rods robust in a dry casks.

    • Wilderbeast says:

      Happy Super Month. 👩🏿‍🦰

    • real uncivil architect says:

      @Don’t Read My Profile Photo
      Bruder weg hier

    • real uncivil architect says:

      Vielen dank kurzgesagt

  2. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    I love how Kurzgesagt can change up their content to help people out with their goals by breaking down the science behind the brain’s patterns when it comes to triggers and habits, then offering genuine helpful advice on how to achieve our goals effectively. Like they’ve mentioned, in order to change is by making little goals and little changes because your progress will accumulate over time through consistency. Just experiment and find out what works for you since it’s different with everyone. This is a really nice video.

    • Fire Flieer says:

      @a cats yeah they do this under basically every video they comment under, which honestly defeats the purpose of comment sections where the main goal is to connect with other people by sharing your own thoughts

    • emiliano zamora says:

      @People Person he isn’t he just does a generic comment based on the popular opinion for likes

    • emiliano zamora says:

      @Cancer your name is very befitting

    • Snail Boi says:

      @Nerdomatic248 that, or the bot creators decide to take advantage of him commenting everywhere to cover more ground by having a reply to one of the top comments

  3. Roanoke Gaming says:

    Neuroplasticity is consistently the most interesting part of the human experience, As always great video Kurzgesagt

    • Max Seda says:

      hey it’s that feet guy.

    • toni says:

      Yes i do agree. Its way too amazing how fast our brains can chance under the right circumastances. Shrooms for example really show that.

    • Marcel Craig says:

      That feeling you get when your two favorite YouTubers know each other. 🙂 Anyway starting with the feet

    • Commenting Channel says:

      How is it even possible that we don’t see our brain as an obstacle yet? Something to be modelled, at will, by force? The fact that something other than purely conscious decisions may have an impact on your own behavior can’t be anything but a form of self-denial.

  4. Francy Artist says:

    I just went through one of my worst depressive moment of my life, and I started going to they gym. I started going 30 minutes, now my brain build the habit to go 1 hour 4 times per week. You need to start slowly! Thanks for this video, it’s amazing and it touches my heart.❤️

  5. Sats Mind says:

    This is a great video. It reminds me of trying to instil a lot of habits. Initially creating habits was very tiring and energy-consuming as you have to make a conscious effort to be aware of them but eventually, it becomes normal. I remember constantly reminding myself to be aware of my posture and now when I slouch when I’m editing videos for my channel or doing anything my brain automatically tells me I’m slouching and I fix it.

  6. jack will says:

    The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I’m in the process of changing how I live and do things and this video is going to be of big help. Thanks Kurzgesagt for everything.

    • ChannelName says:


    • MysticalKO says:

      @Felix yeah and what if reading books is a habit you want

    • Wessel Driessen says:

      ​@Felix yeah was just about to post this, awesome book!

    • Felix says:

      If you want to know more about how to create good habits and break bad ones, I recommend you read Atomic Habits by James Clear. This book helped me tremendously in understanding how to develop new habits and break old ones. It’s really fun to read, if you are interested in the topic 🙂

  7. Sam Marks says:

    “Change is a direction, not a destination.” Perfect mantra for self improvement! I’m nearing 40, and realizing I’ve been stuck in a whole lot of bad habits, and feeling like, “well, that’s just who I am now.” Thanks for helping me realize it’s never too late to change.

  8. Gus Mor says:

    “The power of habit” by Charles Dughigg is a really good book at breakdown the concept of how habits work, I would highly recommend it.

  9. b l a k e says:

    I realized I’ve been too hard towards myself, setting difficult mountains for me to climb, while also punishing myself severely when I slip up, even if it was insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Thank you for this video, Kurzgesagt! I’ll try to be more kind to myself and make the mountain climbs more enjoyable so that eventually it will naturally wove itself into my life.

    • salt air says:

      @Anonymous Person maybe try to start setting more achievable goals for yourself, instead of something really challenging?

    • Anonymous Person says:

      Same :/
      Problem is idk how to stop punishing myself, it sucks. Do I even want to stop?

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