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Led by Anthony Davis’s season-high 44 points, along with 10 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 blocks, the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Milwaukee Bucks, 133-129. LeBron James recorded 28 points, 8 rebounds, and 11 assists for the Lakers, while Russell Westbrook added 15 points, 7 rebounds, and 11 assists in the victory. Giannis Antetokounmpo tallied 40 points, 7 rebounds, and 5 assists for the Bucks, while Khris Middleton added 17 points (6-11 FG) and 7 assists in his season debut. The Lakers improve to 9-12 on the season, while the Bucks fall to 15-6.

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38 Responses

  1. nurbmanjones says:

    This was a playoff atmosphere game, so proud of my Lakers they definitely knew what winning this game meant!!

  2. Palat says:

    This game was absolutely EXHILARATING. From the clutch blocks and drives, it was absolute class and competitiveness. Great win to the lakers.

    • JetSetTech says:

      @user-vp4nz9td1b  you haven’t been watching the past two weeks of basketball have you? Don’t answer that, I can already tell you haven’t.

    • Dino says:

      @Johnny Jones well, wait for next game, AD will disappear again haha

    • Hardcore Ladies says:

      @B. Seminole congrats 👏 💖 💓

    • MTLNJD&theLetterZed says:

      This is the best game played by the LA Lakers this season. They took down the Powerhouse Bucks and they were in control during the whole game. The energy by the Lakers felt like a playoff atmosphere game. The whole team pitched in and played outstanding! If you look who they are playing in the next 3 road games (the Wizards, Cavs & Raptors) they could potentially defeat those 3 teams and get them to .500 Basketball.

    • Johnny Jones says:

      Lebron and AD both being ball dominate is still the most unstoppable thing in the NBA

  3. G. South The Producer says:

    Man!!! Now THIS Lakers team can win it all. The grind. The ball movement. The hustle plays. Fast break/transition points. The defense. The communication. This was a wonderful game by the Lakers!

    • Mr Curly says:

      @Noobmaster69 so curry relied on green? they had a 3-1 lead they choked the finals get real noob

    • Noobmaster69 says:

      @Mr Curly Lmao another excuse with or without KD, Curry will win his 2nd and 3rd ring againts Lebum, that 2016 ring was a gift from Adam Silver by suspending Green in game 5, you are all think Cryknee and Lebum can get another miracle games in 2017 and 2018? And if Lebum don’t beg on Bosh and Wade to join his Heat superteam he wouldn’t win anything LMAOOOOO 😭🤣

    • FEAR No More says:

      @Bruce Scott Can’t even give credit for a hard fought win. lol smh

    • Noobmaster69 says:

      @O N Curry and Warriors would love to see a healthy Lebum and ADisney to sweep them in 4, noone can guard Curry, Klay, Poole and Wiggins LMAO stop it Westbrick gonna get rekt too all Curry’s sons all in one. 🤣🤣😭😭

    • Gavriel Musheyev says:

      It’s the regular season, they’ll have to make it into the play in tournament first

  4. Ricky Gilbert says:

    Wow! Never seen all three (LeBron, AD and Westbrook) play in sync together and efficiently well. Zero turnovers. Now, this is the big 3 the Lakers need almost every night.

    • soren w says:

      Lakers still won’t make the playoffs with the way they are playing, one win can’t help them get there, they need to consistently win.

    • Iceman B says:

      @Menace AD is ballin. Agreed. I will let you have the last word. gotta go to work. Peace.

    • Menace says:

      @Iceman B just stop talking please. LeBron is seriously the only who should be considered old in this team.

      AD is 29 and the good role players are 25 and under. Pat Bev is a bum and shouldn’t even be starting. You’re stuck in 2021 its time to get out that rock

    • Ase Boogie says:

      Its clear as day you know nothing about basketball

    • Bryce Ferguson says:

      Well even for a great big three zero turnovers is very impressive hard to do every night

  5. jeanchristophe levesque says:

    best game of the season so far!! that was some playoff’s stuff and it’s nice to finally see the lakers playing well together

  6. jesse says:

    AD is not only playing aggressively, he’s also playing very intelligently and tactically. He started with most of his field goals in the paint, then worked his way to the midrange, and only started taking 3’s in the 4th well after he got his midrange going.

    • Crusinrn says:

      @FacelessTV when Giannis rim runs he eurosteps, hop steps, spins, stepthru and more I guess that doesn’t take skill and Iq to do in the moment while getting double or triple teamed in the paint

    • Crusinrn says:

      @FacelessTV Gianni’s is fast can handle the ball rebound block shots shoot middys and can sometimes shoot the three. Giannis has won a nba championship while leading the team and he’s a back to back MVP. Stop glazing niggas nuts you don’t even watch

    • Crusinrn says:

      @FacelessTV nigga talkin bout it takes no skill you def don’t hoop u js an unatheletic ass nigga tha watch basketball

    • Crusinrn says:

      @FacelessTV bro hates Giannis😂😂 it takes skill to rim run to the paint with defenders in there. You glazing ass nigga keep crying Giannis had no threes and he still put up 40 points when he played less minutes than Ad too. It’s really Giannis and Middleton and Middleton ain’t play good today

    • Crusinrn says:

      @Urban Legend Zero Giannis had no threes and guess what he played less minutes than Ad and still put up 40 points

  7. Lendel Robinson says:

    Hell of a Game. Wow. Lakers are truly redeeming themselves!

  8. Labong Johnrey says:

    Davis making his shots out of the paint little by little and getting his old form back💪💛💜 lets keep it coming LA

  9. Arnell Milhouse says:

    Figuring out how to get James, AD and Westbrook to play in harmony to their strengths is huge. Much credit to coach Darvin Ham. This Lakers team is a problem. Very, very few people expected them to win this game tonight!

  10. Bacon Buddy says:

    Energy and explosiveness! Two things we have not seen in the Lakers for the past two years! Hope they keep it up!

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