🚨 QUADRUPLE STILL ON?!🚨 Manchester United vs. West Ham | FA Cup Highlights | ESPN FC

🚨 QUADRUPLE STILL ON?!🚨 Manchester United vs. West Ham | FA Cup Highlights | ESPN FC

Manchester United’s hopes of a quadruple are still alive after a late comeback from Erik ten Hag’s side, courtesy of a 90th minute winner from Alejandro Garnacho and a third from Fred deep into stoppage time.
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45 Responses

  1. fire_fox_boy says:

    The mentality of ‘never give up, regardless of the opponent and competition’ is back… just love it!

  2. spar987 says:

    Bruh Weghorst goes on half season loan and leaves with more trophies than Kane

  3. Duncan Blade says:

    Weghorst’s brain is faster than his body can comprehend. You can see what he’s trying to do, but his long limbs respond in slow motion lol

    • bunjaow says:

      @Arecib0 Bro with hands yes, with feet no!!

    • tomhwm says:

      @Stewie A. Simpson. Might compromise his defensive ability a bit

    • TJ Whisenhunt says:

      @Marcelo Melamed imo, he kinda reminds me of a Mario Mandzukic. He won’t score u a goal every game, but he’s a workhorse and he’s someone defenders have to muscle through before they can even touch rashford, garnacho, sancho, etc. It’s similar to enforcers in ice hockey. They aren’t enjoyable to watch in the eyes of a neutral viewer, but they’re the kinds of players that win you titles

    • Arecib0 says:

      He just need grow muscle and get more athletic to compensate for the height.
      Look at basketball players. They are fast af because of that reason.

    • Julio Gimenez says:

      He’s doing dirty work and that’s paying dividends

  4. Henry Munoz says:

    As an Arsenal fan, I’m beyond happy and proud of Man. UTD. It’s looking a lot like the big 2 are back on top.

    • Graeme says:

      Agreed! May we give each other stick like the old days haha

    • BarebackBarbarians FC says:

      Big 2 ? There’s never been a big 2 except a brief period in the early 2000s …it’s always been Liverpool first, united trying to catchup and after a 25yr dominance could only pass Liverpool by 1 title 19 to 20 and completely fluff European success since they easily should’ve won 4 ucls not just 2 during Alex’s reign. Arsenal Had one great season…an amazing season yes but have they ever dominated the English top flight no..not like Liverpool or united ….and zero European success is just the exclamation point in anyone trying to argue that statement …had they won ucl in 2006 they’re be higher regarded but just nowhere near the top 2

    • Gelleh Dhulleh says:

      @moe me too no Liverpool or man city anybody else am ok I live with it 😅

    • RedLama says:

      Thank you sir! Good to see Arsenal at doing so well 2. Goodluck for the prem. May the best team win. I mean Arsenal or Man U by that lol 😂

    • moe says:

      @Gelleh Dhulleh as a Chelsea fan I want arsenal to win the league over man city. If Utd win it I’ll be happy too but plz no man city 🤢🤮

  5. Mike Lewis says:

    Weghorst isn’t scoring but he creates chances for rest of Man Utd players cos he works had and presses.🤔

  6. KING B.H.Y. says:

    *The one thing that shows the stark difference between last year’s and this year’s Man U is their resilience when going down a goal. They would look like a dog with a tail between its legs last season after conceding and would show no fighting spirit.*

  7. Trevor Selby says:

    Wout is funny for celebrating that own goal while being nowhere near it lol. The energy he brings to this team is unmatched.

  8. sammy pierre says:

    i hope weghorst knows how important he is to that team even though he’s not scoring

    • Graeme says:

      Agreed. There is just something about the guy that I like.
      I can see him scoring a few goals and then honestly turning into an amazing CF just season. I think we will buy him.

    • Gjifvko says:

      Pros: height, strength, defensive work rate, tackling, first time passes, creativity/vision, team first mentality, singing, awesome name.

      Cons: finishing, pace, age, coordination of a baby giraffe.

    • Ryan Hartigan says:

      He was the perfect signing. Really hope he signs permanently. I love him.

    • RedLama says:

      Exactly! He stole the ball from a Newcastle player in our D box in the Carabao cup final 😂

      He is pretty good at applying pressure and linking up play for others to score exactly as his pie chart shows. I would be happy to have him in the club. He seems happy to be here 2 and is giving his all.

    • Gianpaolo Pazzini says:

      He blends perfectly to the team and other players, making a good athmosphere in the dressing room.

  9. KiyomiYoshi says:

    If Garnacho fishes like that each time….man he’ll be our new #7

  10. livemusicseñor says:

    Weghorst pressing at that last goal was the main reason he end up at united.
    Good job.

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