Kevin Hart on Sacrifice, Success & Never Allowing Mistakes to Overshadow Purpose | The Pivot Podcast

Kevin Hart on Sacrifice, Success & Never Allowing Mistakes to Overshadow Purpose | The Pivot Podcast



We have had our biggest Pivot guest in Shaq and now today, he may be our smallest guest but by far the biggest show we’ve done…Kevin Hart joins the Pivot and we promise we didn’t F**k this one up!

With nothing off limits, this conversation is the perfect blend of insightful stories, life experiences and sound advice with some “light-harted” moments as Ryan, Channing and Fred talk with Kevin about everything from his career to family to personal miscues to getting to the top and staying there.  

Straight off the stage at Madison Square Garden with Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle, Kevin sits down with us and is very candid about how his journey has evolved and his addiction to winning motivates him everyday to keep being better and expanding. Stressing the power of collaborations and relationships, Kevin says there is room for more than one great in a certain space and sharing success is the best way to stay at the top, recognizing that, the blessing and the curse, is the sacrifices we make to get where we want to be. 

Ryan asks Kevin how living out some of his personal relationship issues in the public eye with his first marriage and now his second, never affected his persona or allowed scandals to be larger than the purpose.

Kevin opens up on how being honest and owning his mistakes publicly allowed him to move forward and also earn respect and grace along the way. Nobody is perfect and when we realize that everyone messes up, it’s easier to block out the people who don’t matter and focus on what does. Kevin explains how he turned his miscues into humor allowing art to imitate life and became better for it. 

Leave it to Channing to derail the conversation as he tries to ask a simple question that pivots the show into an entirely different direction that gives Kevin an up close and personal look into the wild mind of Channing but it doesn’t take for Channing to realize he has met his match as Kevin fires back and it’s priceless. 

Getting into a little Philadelphia history, Fred talks about some of the greats and people Kevin admires from his hometown with the long history of stars. As we get ready to head off to our NFL training camp tour, Ryan couldn’t help but ask Kevin about his infamous Philly Super Bowl Snub a few years ago and the story is just as funny now as it was back then. 

New Episodes of the Pivot premiere every Tuesday at Noon eastern with special drops on Friday afternoons. Since January 4th, We have released over 50 episodes, accumulated over 40 million views and have almost 500K subscribers. As We wrap our first season and prepare to hit the road to start our NFL Training camp Tour next Tuesday, we will be bringing you some of the best football guests in the NFL cities we visit- it’s going to be a wild ride so thank you for sticking with us and making this PIVOT with us! 




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29 Responses

  1. Kazzy Official says:

    I have a feeling that EVERYONE notable wants to be on this podcast. The guests they’re getting are literally the TOP of every industry. This is insane 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. 23 Monty says:

    RC, Channing, Fred, & Kev…thank you guys for being authentic and for dropping 💎! The first 85% kept my attention and the last 15% made my heart smile, you all are great in this element, I pray for continued success for each of you and your mediums! 🙏🏾

  3. Chiseled Adonis says:

    Kevin spoke 💯 percentage FACTS on social media. People take it WAYYY too seriously when it’s not a real place. The block button exists for a reason if you’re getting overwhelmed. Stop putting so much stock in the high of instant gratification. Handle your business without the influence of outside sources who don’t even know you.

  4. new szn says:

    Crying laughing.😂 Channing’s ability to be vulnerable and authentic leads to greatest podcasts moments! In a way, he disarms the guest from the “performance interview” and forces them to be real and authentic too! Love Channing!

    • Obayi Bright says:

      This is exactly my thought! That shock and awe makes the guest forget about any script whatsoever. Channing is priceless! And you know he ain’t just doing it for the sake of it but because that’s who he is.

  5. Rosalind Moultry-Howard says:

    Touchdown! Yet another podcast that truly hits home. Love the fact that these guys can ask the hard questions, then to listen attentively to the quest responses without feeling the need to interject themselves as the “go all or be all.” I definitely loved this one! Keep up the great work fellows.

  6. Zack Hicks says:

    The Pivot is really out here being a top tier podcast consistently, guests after guests

    • pedro gates says:

      @Zack Hicks I agree the interviews where I have no interest in the guest I don’t want instead of being Negative in the comments saying “ why this guy “ or “this is boring “ shit like that I just skip the episode ..even thought I might not watch I still give those videos a thumbs up because I respect the crew

    • pedro gates says:

      @tac master wrong podcast Steve will do it was on I am athlete

    • Renea Mcgee says:

      This was so good to me. I stumbled upon it and found myself caught up. I don’t know any of these guys except Kevin. The light skinned dude with the dreds is the comic relief of the group. He is hilarious. But they are well rounded like the plastic cup boys. Now I gotta go find their other ones. Good job guys

    • Zack Hicks says:

      @tac master just skip the ones you know you won’t like, I never watched the Gary Vee one because I have 0 interest to

    • tac master says:

      im slowly coming back after steve will do it

  7. Keith Junior says:

    Kev has a way of being funny without trying. This episode was hilarious. Chan takes it there. Fuego 🔥🔥🔥

  8. Snug B says:

    Damn y’all have done it again! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better. Million views in a day and I’m speaking that into existence for you guys. Super proud of y’all sticking to your guns and making this thang bigger than life. Salute 🫡

  9. Alex Thomas says:

    When Kevin said ” if I could get that 7 minutes of my life back I would sign up for it” I cried laughing. The pivots these guys take are hilarious, serious, and entertaining.

  10. TonyRamirez says:

    I’m really glad this wasn’t just Kevin trying to be funny the whole time. It was nice to see a serious side of him and hear him talk knowledge. Great episode like always

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