#1 NUGGETS at #8 HEAT | FULL GAME 3 HIGHLIGHTS | June 7, 2023

#1 NUGGETS at #8 HEAT | FULL GAME 3 HIGHLIGHTS | June 7, 2023

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Nikola Jokic (32 points, 21 rebounds, 10 assists) and Jamal Murray (34 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists) led the way for the Denver Nuggets as they defeated the Miami Heat in Game 3, 109-94. Jimmy Butler tallied 28 points for the Heat. The Nuggets lead this best-of-seven series, 2-1, with Game 4 taking place on Friday, June 9 (8:30 p.m. ET, ABC).

Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray are the first pair of teammates in NBA history to each record a 30+ point triple-double (reg. season and Playoffs)

Nikola Jokic is the 1st player in NBA history to record 30+ points, 20+ rebounds, and 10+ assists in a Finals game

Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray are the first pair of teammates in NBA history to each record 30+ points and 10+ assists in a Finals game

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48 Responses

  1. Vintage Sound Beats says:

    2 teammates with 30 point triple doubles is legendary status.

    • kqson says:

      they put the magnets on high power tonight

    • Him says:

      Murray is back to his bubble form

    • Yaboiyikes says:

      I really don’t have much to say but Brickola Brickic and the Nuggets are really strong when the refs are on their side. So I wouldn’t wonder why they beat the Suns. I can see on camera that the officials’ whistles now have the Bumuggets logo and Suckic’s signature that used to belong to Fakers and LeBum. The era of the NBA is really different now, call more fouls and shoot more free throws to win

    • Whiplash95 says:

      Wow my Heat finally play a good team and get exposed for the trash team they are. Jimmy Butler is washed and needs to retire. I’m done being a fan of this team and will be joining the soon to be a dynasty Pistons because they know how to win!

    • si markeyan says:


  2. Owens Holmes says:

    Two 30+ triple-doubles is insane, there’s no reason for Nuggest to lose when this happens.

  3. This is the FBI. says:

    Big game for the two stars, but you gotta give credits to Braun. He balled out there. His energy is insane

  4. Gabdie says:

    I am a Dirk Nowitzki fan my whole life, and his 2011 NBA Finals performance will forever be legendary. But how Jokic is performing in this Finals is beyond legendary. The numbers he puts up for Denver has a class of his own. Congratulations to the Nuggets for their game 3 victory. Very much deserved 🎉

    • R.I.P #24 says:

      I’m not even a dirk nor a mav fan but that run is the most legendary and i think it stands above all knowing what teams he beat especially in the finals.

    • Bob M. says:

      Well, you have to consider the change in rules as well, like for example, before after rebounding the ball, shot clock will be reset at 24 seconds, now in the current NBA, shotclock will be reset to 14. So thinga like that needs to be consider as well. I’m not taking anything from Jokic anyway, just stating that we need to consider the change of rules as well.

    • Joshua Martinez says:

      Hopefully Doncić turns things around for the Mavs soon.

    • howard mighty says:

      at least dirk did it against a few superstars/ hall of famers. This Heat team is playing with just hustle. The NBA/media tried to crown jimmy butler, but we all know he’s just an average player that works hard. And Bam is a poor man’s dwight howard.

    • Jeff Benstore says:

      I agree

  5. Garou says:

    We’re literally witnessing history being made. Don’t matter who you like or don’t, embrace & appreciate the greatness we’re lucky enough to watch live.

  6. El Gringo says:

    Jokic is putting to rest all the critics who disagreed with him being two time MVP. He is putting up amazing numbers

  7. MrPogz Zamora says:

    If Jokic wins this Finals, he has to be the next Unanimous MVP next season.

    • Him says:

      He gonna be a goat 1 day

    • Sac12 says:

      basketball was love
      to guys like MJ, Kobe, and LeBron
      they couldn’t live without it and took
      it seriously jokic will never be my
      favorite player because he doesn’t
      seem to care about the sport
      terrible work ethic and doesn’t even
      celebrate wins like the MVP he’s
      only playing for the money.

    • Oooo Hhhh says:

      Your comment makes no sense lol

  8. Jacob Herrera says:

    this is one of those finals that you just hope no one gets hurt cause you just want this series to play out with both teams at their peak. an injury could ruin the greatness of this finals, but I hope both teams stay healthy and strong.

    • Michael McNair says:

      too late, the heat have been missing their regular season leading scorer tyler hero all playoffs, amazing to even see them get this far

    • Alex Kabam says:

      @Michael McNair he wasn’t one of their top 2 scorers in the regular season

    • Eddie Wilson says:

      ​@Alex Kabamstill a 20 ppg scorer tho, and oladipo went down in the 1st round too, looks like the injuries finally cacthing up to the heat

    • Patrick Lawrence says:

      ​@Eddie Wilson Oladipo hardly played

    • christopher says:

      ⁠@Eddie Wilson lol here we go 😂 just last game people were saying Heat in 6 now the injuries are catching up 😂

  9. Saul Carrasco says:

    Awesome game by Murray. Man I love Jokic game. Dude has the footwork, the vision, the post up, the mid range, and the 3. The man has it all.

  10. Jonathan Riojas says:

    That Heat comeback in the 4th when they cut it to 10 gave me a mini heart attack

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