Madden 24 Official Reveal Trailer

Madden 24 Official Reveal Trailer

Get more control and explosive realism with FieldSENSE™ improvements and new SAPIEN Technology in Madden NFL 24 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Pre-order Now:

Madden NFL 24 available worldwide August 18, 2023.

FieldSENSE™ Improvements
Improvements to the FieldSENSE™ Gameplay System increase control in throwing, catching, and tackling with a suite of new animations added to Hit Everything and Skill-Based Passing.

SAPIEN Technology
All-new character technology transforms the way NFL players look and move with realistic redesigned player models.

Connect with players across PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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53 Responses

  1. GuyWhoLikesWrestlingWayTooMuch says:

    Who ready to get dissapointed


  2. MyNamelsAustin says:

    Whos ready for the same madden reveal we been getting for 5+ years?

  3. O My SouL says:

    After seeing Madden 2012 for ten years, we might finally see Madden 2013

  4. randomfrankp says:

    Dang this Madden 16 trailer goes crazy 🙄

  5. Walter White says:

    This trailer looks so good that it makes me want to buy espn 2k5 instead

  6. TK Amani Michael Jacksun says:

    I truly believe it’s going to be a step in the right direction for NFL 2K to return☺️🏈

    • Starr Starr says:


    • Paul H says:

      If 2k views it as viable after no game since 2004, and 3 console generations later.

    • TK Amani Michael Jacksun says:

      @Paul H   I feel you ,😢 I believe they would completely dominate if it’s anything like NFL 2K5 though … They will knock Madden off the map lol they would of back then if EA never bought the NFL license 2K would have caught up and succeeded them I honestly believe

      I feel bad cause kids these days that only has grown up on Madden has no idea what a good game of simulation football feels like or what it’s like to have multiple NFL games to choose from…

      My nephew gets so upset with Madden now cause of things that happens while he play that doesn’t makes sense 🤣🤣🤣 he use to hate me talking trash about Madden when he was younger cause he didn’t fully understand football and just thought it was in n general but now that he a lil older he gets so upset and frustrated by Madden 🤣

  7. Scoop And score says:

    I’m ready to see the “new” features and all “new” celebrations that we are gonna get this year

  8. THICC NAZTY says:

    Wow EA you’ve really outdone yourselves 😱 I am so excited for.. the exact same game!

    • oomshaka says:

      They released a article that explains what they added

    • Hunchotooclean says:

      @oomshaka nothing they added is ground breaking all that could have been added into a patch for madden 23 w roster updates because that’s what it is

    • Aaries Harris says:

      @oomshaka they release an article every year explaining what they added. News flash………they don’t add nothing substantial. You already own Madden 24. It’s called Madden 20/21/22/23

    • oomshaka says:

      @Aaries Harris don’t care argue with ya grandma

    • oomshaka says:

      @Hunchotooclean clearly don’t know anything argue with ya grandma

  9. Kam says:

    That Mahomes throwing animation at 0:41 … its about to be a looooong year

  10. Griffin says:

    Glad to see Madden 21 is being released for the 4th straight year

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