Denver Broncos vs. Los Angeles Rams | 2022 Week 16 Game Highlights

Denver Broncos vs. Los Angeles Rams | 2022 Week 16 Game Highlights

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39 Responses

  1. marco orihuela says:

    Wilson thinking: Man, I left Seattle so I wouldn’t have to face the Rams again

    • Amando Arellano says:

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    • Lance Churchill says:

      seattle still playing the, play good for part of the season and tank the last part but becoming garbage

    • Will Reed says:

      @armen boodaghiam I mean they’re still in the hunt for a spot with a completely new team…supposed to be a rebuild but still winning. I thinks that’s a successful season. But you’re the expert…they’re better than the ex Champs and broncos. What’s more embarrassing is the rams lol

    • Will Reed says:

      @Kamon Simpson this O is not for him. At all

    • Will Reed says:

      They both are trash

  2. Riaz Qureshi says:

    Russel Wilson with the Hat Trick: 3 interceptions

  3. starguy2718 says:

    Russ was Santa Claus, handing out presents to the Rams!

  4. Jay Andreas says:

    To be fair to the Broncos’ defense, once your opponent scores 17 points you know there’s no need to risk getting injured because you know your own offense will never score more than 17 points.

    • J B says:

      Broncos it’s truly embarrassing to say I’m a fan of yours Wilson are you the Grinch this season 250 million and we gave up players for you.Well is anyone in charge of the Broncos the coach should have been fired maybe after the first game of season remember that debacle?Fire them all. I know you couldn’t make it to SB but all that fans want is for your to beat the chiefs once this year 14 loses in a row pathetic.

    • Carlos Colon says:

      They got blowed out

    • Mikey Poss says:

      Yeah. It’s called quitting!

    • Hi I’m Ty says:


  5. Christopher Welch says:

    Denver is a “mile deep in trouble.”

  6. thygreatmark says:

    I told myself before the season, Denver was going to be terrifying to go against. I couldn’t be more wrong.

  7. Mike Snyder says:

    Way to go, Baker! Sure wish you the best after what you have been through this year. Great game!

  8. shay tuma says:

    Hats off to Akers man, when he knocked over one of the guys on the sideline he immediately went over to help him up and check on him. So many players just go celebrate and never give a second thought. Kudos Cam much respect 🙏

  9. Ohio 94 says:

    Haters gonna hate. Baker’s gonna bake.

  10. geoff N says:

    Second TD catch from Higbee was a beauty. And at 05:56 the defence just let the guy run out of bounds… that’s basic stuff – game IQ – and plain stupid. Just giving away 3 points!

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