1 TON Rubber Band Ball Drop From 2000ft! World Record Bounce?

1 TON Rubber Band Ball Drop From 2000ft! World Record Bounce?

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22 Responses

  1. How Ridiculous says:

    Don’t snooze on the COMMTEST return everyone 😮
    Guess how heavy the ball is by the end! We’ll pin yaaaaaa if you’re the 1st to get it 📌

  2. ItsCrazy says:

    I respect to everyone who were involved in this, Seriously the best piece that I’ ve ever seen on YouTube, HATS OFF TO WELL ALL ! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!! 💖❤😒😊💖

  3. Monty Dodge says:

    Love to see this done on concrete, maybe an abandoned runway or something?

  4. sdfghj asdfghjk says:

    Good on ya, Michael. Your efforts have been super worth it!

  5. Rob says:

    My theory for the loss of bounce at higher heights, I’m probably totally wrong, is it due to the elasticity of the bands, maybe they can only expand/contract at a certain speed and when you get to the higher heights you’re reaching the limit of how fast the bands can move? Also with each bounce as it loses bands it has less contraction power to launch it back into the air?

  6. A is for Annihilation says:

    I want rubber bands big enough to fit on that ball! That must’ve taken ages

  7. Halo The Fluffy Derg says:

    As one who works with helicopters like that (obviously maybe not this type of cargo) my guess is that the budget for this video must have been one of the highest you’ve had. Tremendous work lads, keep it up. Loved the close up shots on the equipment as well.

    • Halo The Fluffy Derg says:

      @Ivory true, could have been a lot going on behind the scenes that we don’t get to see.

    • Warren Cash says:

      @Jack Feeley tanks are way cheap compared.

    • Ivory says:

      ​@Halo The Fluffy Derg And that’s just the best case scenario.
      There’s always the chance of something going wrong and having to do several takes. Also, they may not show the whole thing because it would be boring to watch a whole day of them going at it, so the parts we see are only the best/successful ones.

      Between all the expenses (buying the materials, man-power (and hours) to assemble/prepare stuff, logistics, renting places/vehicles/choppers, equipment, staff costs (like editing), etc), it should cost them a veritable fortune to make these videos…

    • greg says:

      @The Pirate God Yeah, I was thinking that helibat cost a lot more and the big hammer must have cost a fair bit too. This is one of their cheaper videos out of the recent ones.

    • southaussiegarbo 2054 says:

      @Jack Feeley i think the mobile crane one would be more

  8. Martin Sidwell says:

    There must be about 744Kg left on the ball. A big open concrete space would be awesome for bouncing Wofty. Nice to get a dig back at Dude Perfect after they popped more balloons 😆

  9. Brody Garner says:

    Oh wow. You guys, after a quick Google, have made the biggest bounce! The record WAS about 95 feet, or just less than 30 meters. Congrats!

  10. rhys brown says:

    Finally after 28 years on this planet thanks to you guys I can say I’ve seen it all now 🤣

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