I Went on my first ever date with Lexi Rivera..
While Ben Azelart and his girlfriend Hannah went on a $1 date!

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Brent Rivera @Brent Rivera
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Katie Sigmond @Katie Sigmond
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29 Responses

  1. Honkey Donkeys says:

    Y’all know Jeremy is the happiest man alive having a date with Lexi 💀

  2. Dikeledi Mahooa says:

    Im actually very proud of Jeremy, I really can’t believe he actually took Lexi on a date

  3. AmeliaS Major says:

    I love how Hannah is so nice to Ben even on a $1 date and I find Jeremy so sweet doing that all for Lexi

  4. Vedant Garg says:

    Let’s appreciate Ben for his creative old school kinda date plans! That’s what true love looks like, you don’t need expensive stuff if you love someone you just need their company ❤

  5. Savannah says:

    Can we appreciate everything Jeremy did for Lexi So proud of you

  6. ; P a r i i x says:

    Lol this is literally Jeremy’s dream come true lol 😂😂😂😂

  7. Olivia 💕 says:

    Jeremy:” You look great today.” Ma’am she looks great EVERYDAY

  8. ramya says:

    Hannah is so cool and supportive towards whatever Ben does 💖
    They r such a cute and amazing couple ❤

  9. Diggs_prod 🏈🍕 says:

    Jeremy always finds a way to make me smile 😊

  10. Alexa Sullivan says:

    Now because I watch this video now I want Ben and Hannah to get married

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