100 Days – [RTX Minecraft]

100 Days – [RTX Minecraft]

RTX Minecraft is the most beautiful version of Minecraft by far. In this video watch Luke TheNotable survive and be dazzled by the majesty of RTX.

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Thumbnail Art – Maeder

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22 Responses

  1. Musi The Kitty Cat says:

    at this point, I honestly dont think that luke will ever run out of 100 days spinoffs.

  2. Justin Abneyhome says:

    “Building a wall is easier than going to therapy.” That hit way too deep

  3. Siren-Nate says:

    I love how this was literally one day of “Oh my god it’s so pretty” and then 99 straight days of *”LOOK HOW THEY MASSACRED MY TORCHES”*

  4. Matt Meduri says:

    0:57 This might be my favorite quip that Luke has ever come up with

  5. madlad says:

    The way I start giggling hysterically and kicking my legs when I see a new upload from Luke

  6. Tobo Hoemke says:

    love the fact the portal was providing significantly more light than the torches on top

  7. Brandon Pitre says:

    I honestly think this is more enjoyable than any other Minecraft Contant I’ve watched, which I don’t watch often… I’m down to see you go to 200 days.

  8. Birb says:

    To reduce most of the glitches and randomness of RTX… I reccomend using “Kelly’s RTX” pack as well as some of their other sub packs.

  9. Dark Purple Insanity says:

    There’s a lot he can do with his 100 days series, but for some reason while watching this I had the idea of him doing a 100 days in the Aether video, and felt the need to share this idea, because I felt it would be very Notable.

  10. KillerBlue says:

    21:50 I actually had to rub my eyes, and that’s with his card thing making it easier on us, i can’t imagine the amount of darkness he was really in

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