100 Hours In Hardcore Minecraft: How’d I Survive This?!

100 Hours In Hardcore Minecraft: How’d I Survive This?!

100 Hours In Hardcore Minecraft is a new series where the objective is to survive in Minecraft 1.18 Hardcore mode for 100 hours without dying as we only have one life.

100HoursInMinecraftHardCore episode 2, we somehow survived the first 10 hours where we built our treehouse base. But today we make a mega upgrade to the survival base with a new treehouse, farms, and a mine. Also, escape death more times than I want to count and give Grian a tour of our base. Let me know what I should add next to the base in the comments and see you in the next episode!

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40 Responses

  1. MaxyGames says:

    Out of all hardcore series, it will be funny to see Scar last the longest

  2. Purple Orchid says:

    Scar just loves giving us heart attacks, doesn’t he?

  3. breanna foster says:

    I feel like I never appreciated how accident prone scar was until this episode. Now I fully understand y grian thought going to do stuff wo him was for his safety xD 💜

  4. ~Jessie~ says:

    The way Scar’s tree base has a trapdoor floor, fence gate sides, 100’s of blocks up, treacherous climb, we’re proud of you Scar 😆

  5. Rodrigo Ortiz says:

    Watching Scar playing hardcore is like a rollercoaster of emotions omg

  6. Brodie Mitch says:

    Scar is the most entertaining in this series because he is constantly so close to dying

  7. Noob King says:

    11:50 for Java edition, a creeper, it seems like they spawn _everywhere_
    But for bedrock edition, skeletons, as it’s *impossible* to get close enough to hit one with a sword without a shield because of how fast they shoot
    And even if you do have a shield, it’s going to take quite a while for the skeleton to die, as it’s just going to hit itself with its own arrow and be knocked back further until you find a wall to stop it on

    • ollie green says:

      As a bedrock player, I can 100% confirm the worst mob is a witch. Even with full netherite armour and max enchantments their poison still gets you down to half a heart, and then they hit you with a harming potion

    • Jesus Porfirio says:

      @ollie green Honestly just because of witches i think I’m gonna start carrying bottles of honey like they’re swords or pickaxes since they remove poison which is pretty useful

    • Jesus Porfirio says:

      @KeNAPPLE as a bedrock player, I feel like java is def better than bedrock. At one point bedrock was pretty unplayable with many bugs that made the game unplayable, but now it’s okay, not great. There are a lot of things that java has that bedrock doesn’t and it’s usually huge stuff like reliable redstone or offhand usage or hardcore worlds or a lot of mods like optifine. Honestly tho bedrock does have some pretty great things like cauldron tipped arrows and a harder wither and Wild Update betas so it’s not so bad for me

    • ollie green says:

      @Jesus Porfirio yeh I know I never leave home without my trusty milk bucket

    • Noob King says:

      @Luis Suazo yeaah same
      I too just charge forward spamming at skeletons, though it is kind of annoying knowing that the only way to not get hit is to move incredibly slow with a shield

  8. Jenn the IceRaptoress says:

    People shouldn’t underestimate Scar. He’s gone caving in both episodes now with very little gear, and survived!

  9. MorningBowl says:

    Scar: “Thank you for all the kind and positive comments”

    Grian: “I didn’t see a single person who said I could do it”

    • Arisa Mahera says:

      🅟︎🅡︎🅘︎🅥︎🅐︎🅣︎🅔︎ 🅢︎e̶🅧︎⤵️
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    • Bedless Pro says:


    • TheOneUH8 says:

      Let’s hope all three of them can actually do this.

  10. China Uncensored says:

    I have been chased through the streets of Hong Kong by insane policemen firing tear gas and rubber bullets, and yet watching THIS was the most stressful thing I’ve ever done!

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