[1k CODE & 25k RC] Shindai Rengoku + 1 Year Update

[1k CODE & 25k RC] Shindai Rengoku + 1 Year Update

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36 Responses

  1. BobGTX says:

    😱😱We are waiting for this mega update 👍

  2. XenoTy says:

    We finally made it, 1 Year of the Best Naruto Game on Roblox❗️

  3. RellGames says:

    1 YEAR BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    60k Likes = another code?

    500 Spins = RELLpieceW!
    500 Spins = 1YearSL2!
    25k RELLcoins = 25KR3LLCO1NZZ!

  4. seryoute says:

    I love seeing this guy laughing and all that during his video, just goes to show he’s really enjoying where he’s at… keep up the amazing work!

  5. Brainless_isaac says:

    i played a month before the game got shut down and turned into shindo life, i just wanna say. what a amzaing jorney, thank you rell games. for the memories that i had

  6. James John says:

    RELL, your hard work is appreciated
    You should take a break. You have been working so hard

  7. Carter Asrilant says:

    “There is no bigger update” Also rell 1 year ago: Recreates the entire game.

  8. RobloxGaming_Amen2006 says:

    i love how the shindai rengoku boss got the aizen drip on him

  9. BigNut says:

    *shindo at 180k players*
    me: now this truly does put a smile on my face

  10. Ian Faris says:

    Im proud to be a og to see where this game came from is really hearwhelming thanks Rell!

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