Back to school shopping be like…

Back to school shopping be like…

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27 Responses

  1. Hello Art says:

    Why is this too relatable

  2. Eli Gamer says:

    My mom just gets EVERYTHING on the list and NOTHING else

  3. CodeNameZ says:

    You forget the part when you meet your classmate who got some cool item so you want it also

  4. Neon Neo says:

    Then at the end of the year we get to take almost all of it home lol

  5. Sarah Jo says:

    This was my son in 3rd grade this year. He HAD to have the Marvel #2 pencils not the “plain” yellow ones

    • The Knights Of Ren says:

      @Sarah Jo does he like spiderman or ironman???

    • Sarah Jo says:

      @The Knights Of Ren he loves them both, but out of the 2 I’d say Iron Man is his favorite

    • Ellie Louise says:

      Honestly? I don’t blame him. I’d prefer the marvel one too

    • Lavanime says:

      Love marvel but like those pencils are so annoying. If the picture part tears off then it’ll just be a blank white pencil, and the texture is horrible so you can’t focus on writing 😖

    • true guy says:

      I was always getting bullied in class because I didn’t have a book bag because I always ate it with my dog and my dog always ate my homework and my cat always didn’t wake me up for morning time for school so I missed breakfast and then decided not to go to school because I didn’t have a backbag but it wasn’t that blue because it wasn’t that bad I’m still not Not that dumb

  6. Sydney says:

    the best line was, “I really need this diary to document all the bullying since you didn’t buy me those fine line markers”

  7. HermioneJeanGranger says:

    “Someone pooped in it”
    “I’m probably gonna do a lot of rubber banding in 3rd grade” 😂😂😂

    • 😎alican_dancing😎 says:

      So far I haven’t

    • true guy says:

      They pooped in it because she asked them to because she was high smoking marijuana in the auditorium because a teacher had 2 of them and they caught both of them at the same time at the movies and Australian wasn’t there because there was captain movies but it wasn’t that bad

  8. Brenda Tuz Caudillo says:

    My mom is the One that says “You need this.” “Let’s buy the biggest package, you will use them you will see” “I’m taking this for your little sister” and I’m like “But that wasn’t on the list…” 🧍🏽‍♀️

  9. Abby Mills says:

    Why is school shopping literally the funniest thing ever.

  10. dynamait says:

    “Between the two, I should just get both” lol

    “This glitter pen is the only thing that will motivate me to write this year” 😅 I mean…

    “A lot of rubber-banding” haha

    “If you don’t want me being bullied this year…”

    “This diary so I can document all the bullying that will happen to me since you didn’t get me those fineline markers” 💀

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