Turning Red | Official Trailer

Turning Red | Official Trailer

It’s gonna be Mei! 🐼 Watch the brand-new trailer for Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red, coming March 2022.

Disney and Pixar’s “Turning Red” introduces Mei Lee (voice of Rosalie Chiang), a confident, dorky 13-year-old torn between staying her mother’s dutiful daughter and the chaos of adolescence. Her protective, if not slightly overbearing mother, Ming (voice of Sandra Oh), is never far from her daughter—an unfortunate reality for the teenager. And as if changes to her interests, relationships and body weren’t enough, whenever she gets too excited (which is practically ALWAYS), she “poofs” into a giant red panda! Directed by Academy Award® winner Domee Shi (Pixar short “Bao”) and produced by Lindsey Collins “Turning Red releases on March 11, 2022.

Hashtag: #TurningRed

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43 Responses

  1. ShortHax says:

    Gotta love how the mom is a Karen, and the daughter is a furry

  2. Zahir Sookoor says:

    When is this movie coming out?
    Nsync- “It’s gonna be May!”
    End of trailer: March

  3. Comic Fan 13 says:

    Don’t make her angry, you wouldn’t like her when she’s angry.

  4. SonicHaXD says:

    “It’s gonna be Mei~” I see what you’re doing there XD

  5. marchosiasu says:

    Gotta love how in 1:48 Mei raises her arms when surprised/startled, which is a legitimate strategy red pandas use to appear bigger when in danger.

  6. Zytrux 1 says:

    You know what I like the most? This Is not another: “Oh no! I turned into something different!! I better hide this from my parents or anyone who could actually help me!”
    They all seem aware

  7. David Emanuel Rosini says:

    I’m loving how Mei’s friends aren’t kept in the dark about her secret and are actually supportive of her. Especially since, of course kids would love it if their friend could turn into a giant fluffy red panda.

    • Vladthe Grim says:

      I would lover her if I was one of her friends, she’s like a BIG STUFF TOY!

    • CozyHome says:

      @Jeff Brehove Lol it’s funny cause her name is Mei

    • SpeakerPro2YT says:

      people are gonna hate it and say it’s a furry, bruh no it’s a curse… wait no that’s now how I meant to word it

    • nôX says:

      samee, it’s honestly old at this point. the whole thing where the protag tries to hide or suppress whatever is going on and their friends are left in the dark and start to misunderstand before whatever it is, is revealed to them.

    • dino says:

      I’m the same age as her (13) and I can confirm yes I would love if my friend turned into a big fluffy panda

  8. Matt says:

    Fun Fact: Red Pandas are not pandas and are not related to bears. They are more closely related to raccoons and weasels. Another name for them is Fire Fox.

    • the future says:

      For some reason when I was little I always thought red pandas were just red raccoons

    • Drea Dre says:

      Actually not even that! They seem like it but they’re literally it’s own little thing, they haven’t actually been able to get traced back to any other kind of animal family. I dunno it’s kind of fastinating 🙂

  9. Kathy 26 says:

    I absolutely love that it’s a red panda. They put their little paws above their head when they feel threatened😂

  10. Phoenix Pony says:

    This isn’t at all what I thought it would be! I love this!!👏👏💖💖

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