27 UP. 27 DOWN. Baseball HISTORY for Domingo Germán!! He throws a PERFECT GAME! | All 27 Outs

27 UP. 27 DOWN. Baseball HISTORY for Domingo Germán!! He throws a PERFECT GAME! | All 27 Outs

Watch all 27 outs of Domingo Germán’s perfect game right here! Presented by @Loandepotmortgage.

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52 Responses

  1. KovalchukSnipe says:

    Credit to all these guys for clutching it up and not cracking under pressure.

  2. KingQuentin says:

    “One out away, from forever” is top tier commentary

  3. Bob De Witt says:

    More than 235,000 games have been played over the past 140 years of Major League Baseball history, and this is just the 24th perfect game. Pretty amazing.

  4. VeNoM GoDD says:

    Shout out to Anthony Rizzo for making that diving stop & then for taking that errant Donaldson throw on the foul side of the bag!! Congrats Domingo!! Let’s go Yankees!!

    • Adonaj F says:

      Bro literally was thinking that soon as I saw it , base hit right there if rizzo doesn’t make that nasty play

    • codee comah says:


    • Cy Spiegel says:

      I saw Donaldson let go of that ball and I could tell it was horribly off.. you can even hear somebody makes this face in the broadcasting panel 😬😬 lol

    • assmane999 says:

      That was an impressive play. Very low probability out considering it was a bullet to his backhand. That’s why they say a perfect game is a team accomplishment.

    • Someone Else says:

      Came here to say the same thing. LOTS of good defense but that catch was absolutely not a routine pop fly.

  5. I am the Biscuit Slayer says:

    I love how even the A’s fans cheered too.

    • ParadiseRacer24 says:

      It’s just such an impressive, historical feat. If you don’t applaud the pitcher, you just are classless imo

    • Christopher Duggan says:

      A’s fans don’t really go to A’s games. The majority of those who did likely left long before the final out. What you’re hearing is Bay Area-local Yankees fans.

    • Topic Baseball says:

      A’s fans don’t exist 😂

    • Andrew Smith says:

      A’s fans haven’t had much to cheer about this year, so they needed something. Even if that something was a perfect game for an opposing pitcher 😂.

    • The Arbiter says:

      @ParadiseRacer24you taking it way to deep bud. They love the game, they hate their owner more

  6. East West says:

    I’m a Red Sox fan, but tip my hat to German and the Yankees. A perfect game is one of the rarest, coolest things to see in baseball.

    • 陳振脩 says:

      @julian ricky And the previous 81games they have hits tho🙄

    • ParadiseRacer24 says:

      ​​@陳振脩yeah they hadn’t been no hit in like 25 years

    • G - H - L says:

      In sports*

    • Eric Monaco says:

      Plus the fact he did it with The Pitch Clock and no shift

    • PsyMar says:

      @ParadiseRacer24 oh, well that’s one less challenger to the Cubs’ record for a while then… (Cubs were not no-hit between a Sandy Koufax perfecto on September 9, 1965, and a Cole Hamels no-hitter on July 25, 2015; a few months shy of a 50-year span.)

      Ooh, and I see the A’s were the longest current streak in MLB.

  7. Emoney G says:

    Baseball immortality!

  8. Cowboy says:

    he did it under a hundred freaking pitches. that is absolutely insane!!

  9. Erick Macías says:

    Anthony “I caught the last out of the greatest world series ever which also ended a 108-year drought and I caught the last out of perfecto no. 24” Rizzo. What a life he’s led so far!!!

  10. Problems says:

    There’s always one impressive defensive play that helps keep a perfect game alive. Rizzo snaring that grounder in the fifth probably qualifies in this one.

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