2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 S Review // We Drove It Over 1,000 Miles And Um, Yeah.

2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 S Review // We Drove It Over 1,000 Miles And Um, Yeah.

The 2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 S ($ not yet announced) may look quite familiar, but it has seen some significant changes over the outgoing model. Gone is the V8, and in its stead is the most powerful production four-cylinder engine in the world – aided further by electric power. This pumps up the new AMG C63 S to a massive 671 horsepower and 752 lb ft of torque. However it has some serious weight it needs to handle along with all of that power.

Thomas and James are eager to share their thoughts after spending over a thousand miles behind the wheel in Europe. We hope you enjoy the episode. Subscribe!

Editor: Daniel Mason
Sound: Harrison Dickson and Daniel Mason
Magical Genius Logistics Planner: James Engelsman


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55 Responses

  1. Reveley_97 says:

    Thats crazy that merc didnt even manage ti use the hybrid to fill in the turbo lag power gap. Thats like one of the main benefits of hybridising a turbo engine 😅

    • Xela Ander says:

      Bruv! Like I’ve never see a hybrid engine still suffer turbo lag, what’s then the point of said electric engine outside of a faster 0-60 and eco mode

    • 3xoticG4m3r says:

      ​@xelaander8429 because the turbo lag on that 2l 4cyl is insane. Its also why it looses every drag race against it’s competitors (a45s vs rs3 and m240i for example).

    • Varun says:

      They literally have an electric turbo And haven’t put it in for this

    • Chrx x says:

      It’s an inline 4 making big power. The turbo must be huge, so long spool times. I think this car suffers from trying to use tech combinations that aren’t there yet, if it had a lighter battery and more powerful electrical motors to fill the gap it would be better. Or if it just made less power from the 4 cylinder it could have a smaller turbo and still be a great drive.

    • wrth says:

      ​@Chrx xthe point of the hybrid should be that it is full power below the boost threshold then tapers off when the engine has power. this doesn’t do that

  2. Poojan says:

    The repairs on this car 10 years down the line will be insane.

  3. Avi Pillai says:

    This just makes cars like the BMW M3, the Alfa Giulia QV, and the Cadillac CT4 Blackwing seem like that much more of an automatic “buy now” before everything goes to EV.

    • H. Nizam says:

      Not even a competition. Look how they massacred my c63 😢

    • Doug C says:

      Just buy a w205 amg lightly used, g series m sounds like shit

    • Ben C says:

      Literally just bought a 2023 new QV. 1000% agree get them while you can.

    • Avi Pillai says:

      @Ben C congrats! i have a ‘17 Giulia and i love it to death. i’ve also driven the new M3 and the Blackwing and those are both amazing cars too. such a shame that mercedes messed this thing up the way they did given how good the competition is

    • Supreme Etnel says:

      100% because the new m3 is SOOO much fun. Literally the best car in its segment

  4. Julia MongAR says:

    The trouble is a 4 pot just doesn’t feel special, it’s the big engines of old German cars that stood them above the crowd. The engine is now no more glorious than that of a golf.

  5. Yissi Biiyte says:

    I get that 63s haven’t actually had 6.3L engines for a while and the name is kind of meaningless, but it has always at least meant a V8

    • Bout Tree Fitty says:

      Its only a 6.29L engine , so they were being disingenuous from the start

    • Urban Nomad says:

      Sure but tech changes. A turbo I6 today (M3/4) is far superior to the 4.0 liter turbo innthe older c63.

      I own three cars and all are V8s. So I live V8s. But the times they are a changing. 😕

    • Kapten says:

      @Urban Nomad Supercharged V8 was always the best, CLS 55 AMG was the best merc I ever owned

    • DaLaaNi Bombina says:

      Things change. Time to grow up and stop being a child.

    • Luxolo Nompokwe says:

      It would’ve been better at least if it was called C43 instead to match the engine

  6. JulliaStark says:

    I completely agree. Half the fun was the glorious V8 sound And there’s nothing that can ever Replace that.

  7. FLBoyCanScrap says:

    4700 lbs for a C Class is insane.

  8. Caleb Neff says:

    They did it, boys. They are finally embracing their Top Gear-like persona and doing a cruise from Italy to southern France. All we need is death-tempting challenges.

  9. Greg Dennis Reviews says:

    Happy for the C43 to keep the 2.0 4-Cylinder, but this new C63 could have at least have a V6.

  10. Eric Carabetta says:

    It’s impressive how much weight they can fit into such a small package.

    • Beer_Dad says:

      That’s some superior German engineering right there! 😀

    • Apothecary Terry says:

      I don’t get it…a Lexus LC500h, a car universally mocked for being too heavy, is the size of a flatbed with this car on the back, yet this car is somehow nearly 200kg heavier. It weighs more than me driving a previous gen E-Class with my ex-girlfriend in the boot!

    • Peter Co#&mex says:

      It’s fine,at least in the us, this car are for young asshole to drive crazy on straight street road anyways so weight doesn’t really matter

    • Beer_Dad says:

      @Peter Co#&mex I’ve known a few people who have bought or leased C63’s over the years – they were all over 50 – it’s not a young persons car usually. Actually my retired neighbor leases one – replaces it with the latest model every few years – I’ll be interested to see if he continues or switches to something else…

    • Eric Carabetta says:

      @Peter Co#&mex, there’s no young people with $130k. The ones that somehow do aren’t driving this thing.

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