5 AM at Freddy’s: Superstar Edition

5 AM at Freddy’s: Superstar Edition

Freddy helps Gregory hide in the Pizzaplex so he can leave the Pizzaplex
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28 Responses

  1. Iker Unzu says:

    That’s it, 2023 is officially the best year for FNAF

  2. Everyday Aden says:

    Dude I can’t even express how ecstatic it made me to see another 5am at Freddy’s after so many years. The humor perfectly captures the others and it’s absolutely hilarious. Also how is the voice acting so spot on?? and I love that Roxy callback to the second one

    Thank you so much Piemations!

  3. Survivr says:

    Bringing back what was your best parodies back then and even adding a reference from the Prequel is one of the most greatest things to have happened.

  4. VanderSalad says:

    I really don’t know how to describe this any other way but this feels like a classic Newgrounds mid to late 2000’s animated parody but modernized, and I don’t mean that in a negative or reductive way. This feels like an instant classic. Love it

  5. Vicente201X_YT says:

    Luego de tantos años, luego de que la serie de 5 AM at Freddy’s, acabará en su 4to capitulo, ha vuelto, y esta increíble su regreso, es una de las parodias qué valen la pena ver y como regreso, como para el halloween o para celebrar la película que ya se estreno, valió la pena haber seguido esta franquicia, incluyendo estas parodias, esto marco mi infancia

  6. VFKAdventureRabbit says:

    After all these years, Chica finally gets her time to shine. Thank you for this wonderful new sequel to a series you had previously ended.

  7. HexterXD says:

    I love how in every 5 am episode, the foxy always seems to be the most sane of the bunch.

  8. Bright Star Gaming says:

    Really didn’t expect this series to make a comeback, but it is very much appreciated lol

    Loved it. It still kept the charm of the old ones.

  9. Deb says:

    I was not expecting a return of this series, but it happened, and it was a GRAND RETURN. Great job, superstar!

  10. Cole Kiesler says:

    I love how when Piemations releases a FNAF video it manages to always summarize FNAF in a nutshell in the best way possible.

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