I Survived 100 Days as FREDDY FAZBEAR in Minecraft

I Survived 100 Days as FREDDY FAZBEAR in Minecraft

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►Episode – I Survived 100 Days as FREDDY FAZBEAR in Minecraft


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25 Responses

  1. ChelsChezz says:

    It would be so cool if you did 100 days as Glamrock Freddy and your objective was to protect Gregory for the other animatronics. Your upgrades could be the upgrades you get from the others in the actual game. Then at the end, the other animations could summon Burntrap as the final boss for you to fight and escape the Mega Pizzaplex.

  2. Bunnu_nyx says:

    I love how ryguyrocky explains everything to the audience in case they don’t understand. 😊super wholesome

  3. SpeedTwister27 says:

    here’s a good tip if you’re going to an ancient for your upgrades in your future 100 day videos, use wool to go around because wool will not make a shrieker go off.

  4. Ethan Moseley says:

    Hey man, I’m happy that Goldy is now playing with you. I’ve been following you on twitter, or should I say X, and I am so happy for the both of you. I hope you guys just have a wonderful time together. Love you man!

  5. Frisk Boo says:

    I hope unicorn man is okay- he’s normally in all these videos, but he’s been gone a while

  6. Drifter48 says:

    This man’s vids are legit perfect for watching while eating lol

  7. Charlotte : Single again ♥ says:

    Another incredible video, as expected Keep doing what you love!

  8. Dealan Briggs says:

    Keep making these you’ll get the 10 million

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