everything you missed from the grand theft auto vi trailer

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  1. @anjr9915 says:

    The game looks more detailed overall, not just graphically. I noticed the differences in body types, the improvement in the crowds which makes it more immersive. The game looks more lively. I hope the game can live up to the hype. I have never seen a more anticipated game.

    • @marybailey7881 says:

      Does this game allow one to simulate “car jackings” in a fantasy ? Is this why car jackings are on the increase. People act this stuff out in real life? Why?

    • @user-fe9fk5jk3w says:

      @@marybailey7881dude what is you on about? gta isn’t making people steal cars

    • @alexanderthegreat1506 says:

      It definitely doesn’t look graphically detailed all the time. If you look at their clothes, it still looks like it’s from gta v.

    • @williammercer2686 says:

      @marybailey7881 If you’re stealing cars to begin with you’re already not mentally well.

    • @AllBackends says:

      @@marybailey7881 no normal person is getting influenced by a video game to commit crimes😂

  2. @DMFitness93 says:

    In the last 9 hours since the trailer was released, Rockstar Games already has over 50 million views, 6.5 million likes and over 1 million new subscribers. That’s gotta be unprecedented based solely on 1 trailer. Hope we all make it to release day!

    • @lonewolf1679 says:

      the most hyped game of all time, and people saying it’s gonna flop💀

    • @siddharthchauhan3661 says:

      @@lonewolf1679 my man gta 6 gonna break record when it will release

    • @mihirvd01 says:

      @@lonewolf1679 People don’t understand that Rockstar’s first teaser trailers always look worse than the actual game. The graphics will only be slightly better than RDR2 because there’s a lot of verticality, density and complex mechanics in the game. 70% of the buildings will be accessible which is insane compared to GTAV.

    • @user-sx7xx6xh1m says:

      So is release the goal for release before april of 2024?

    • @DMFitness93 says:

      @@lonewolf1679 – Yeah mate, I agree.

      It wouldn’t surprise me to see it rake in over $3 Billion in the first 24 hours.

      I’m still not preordering until I see actual gameplay, though. I imagine there will be another 2 trailers in 2024, followed by gameplay trailers in January and February 2025, with a March release.

      It’s a release window that lines up with what Take Two have said, plus I think Rockstar Games, as a company, want to get away from the reputation of announcing games, only for them to be delayed multiple times. Hence why we’ve went so long without any official news, and have only revealed it now because it’s essentially ready.

  3. @dancross1968 says:

    The game’s going to be huge. If you look on a map of Miami, these locations stretch from the Everglades to the Keys, downtown Miami to South Beach, and all the posh little islands in between. We’ll have the Haitians, the Cubans, the Hillbillies, the yuppies, and the tourists. Also noticed, ‘Make It Rain Mondays’ in the strip club. Are we going to have day cycles, where we can do different things on each day? The police bodycam and their version of TikTok means, rather than just TV channels and websites, we will be getting actual in-game social media content.

  4. @bigkabuto says:

    Two things I really want are, many more enterable interiors. V really lacked this. Seeing so many stores and buildings and not able to enter many just kills it.

    And mission structure. I really hope it has received a big overhaul, because their worlds are amazing, full of endless possibilities, but never during the missions. Multiple ways to take on missions please.

  5. @silentmuse6660 says:

    There seems to be a big focus on thing being filmed by other people in this trailer, so I’m wondering if that means that we will see npcs uploading videos that relate to the choices the player makes in the game, or maybe that npcs will be trying to film us during our crimes. Like if we try to rob a store, an npc in the store will try to film us and if we allow the npc to upload the video, the police will know to be on the lookout for us.

    • @Gdl20061 says:

      🤔🤔🤔🤔 true…..

    • @wegMachMeister says:

      there was a very raw version of this in gta 5 where some npcs would take a picture when you committed a crime

    • @RedEyedVillain says:

      @@wegMachMeister Yep. And, then they would yell “i’ma go call the police” then the next thing you know the wanted stars are blinking. So if they implement a better version of that in this game it would be cool. Also, I hope we can hop in the police cruisers and play as police like in Vice City where you could go on side missions as the officers with a database in the cruiser also. Never been so excited for a game in my life and I’m 38 years old. Sure have come a long way from Atari & Nintendo.

    • @FactoryOldFork says:

      that would make a lot of sense

    • @nategreatgames6613 says:

      You will probably see the game record footage of your activity on missions and then somebody will upload it to social

  6. @haileer9654 says:

    I think you can fully anticipate every detail to be portrayed in real game play. Mostly based on RDR2 and the detail put into that game already. So the wildlife, crowds, animations of hair etc will absolutely happen, but I imagine even more advanced. I have confidence that they wouldn’t take all this time since the last nor advertise things in a trailer if it wasn’t something you’d expect in gameplay at this point. Rockstar practically owns the gaming world and always sets the bar 3x higher EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

  7. @Supercar_TV says:

    I hope we can actually own a proper mansion with a garage and a pool and nice garden kinda like Michaels house and in a gated community with other nice houses rather than just high rise apartments

  8. @homiefromfl says:

    Lampadati is actually Maserati/Alfa Romero, not Lambo. Lambo/Pagani is Pegassi.

    Thrillbilly Mud Club is likely about ‘mudding’, specifically. Not just “off-roading” in general.

    I don’t think the bikini girl is Lucia. It’s likely just a random party-goer, or maybe an NPC we’ll interact with.

    As a Floridian, NOTHING seen in this trailer in regards to the atmosphere/environment of Florida is WRONG. EVERYTHING seen here I’ve either seen in person, or I’ve seen on the news or social media. It’s scary crazy how many details they’ve gotten right with this. I hope they also include the fact that we have TONSSSS of transplants from NY/NJ down here, and that they include that in the game (Liberty CIty transplants). They’re also a reason why there are so many crazies down here.

    Finally, all the shots of Lucia/Jason are likely from the same store robbery, not multiple. I think the shot in the “bedroom” looks like a motel room, likely AFTER the robbery, staying low after the crime.

    • @roudyman777 says:

      I was gonna say, Lucia seems much more “slim” than the bikini girl.

    • @CITRUS-- says:

      Yea he got the Lampadati thing wrong and the bikini girl wasnt lucia. He also kept calling the different environments “Gangs” for some weird reason😂 Mudding isnt a gang and street racers arent a gang. And the street racing scene was just a zoomed out version of the “IG Live” scene you see next with the two girl on the car posing/dancing, they were filming a music video live thing. you can see the camera man and the matching outfits in both scenes. Takeovers and Street racing are not confirmed in this trailer.

    • @nategreatgames6613 says:

      Yeah it wasn’t Lucia, Lucia has a mole on the left side of her face and that girl didn’t plus they don’t really look alike

    • @Craig-er6uk says:


    • @NineS5 says:

      The girl in the shot was probably there to show off the new hair physics.

  9. @StandingBlade1776 says:

    I just had a thought and it came to me when I saw the scene with the cops busting through the door. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a secret third character you play, and it’s a Cop this time. I would love to see that it would add a new and fresh dynamic. Maybe the Cop could be a straight shooter to begin with but starts to get corrupted and ends up helping Jason and Lucia escape somehow. That would make for a good story I reckon. Anyway I can’t wait for 2025 I’m getting a PS5 in January so I’m ready 😅

  10. @Jb23342 says:

    I don’t believe the prologue will be Lucia breaking out of prison. My guess is Lucia will get released from prison but she’s out on house arrest, at least for a brief period. If you look at the official artwork of her and Jason, there’s an ankle monitor on her right leg. I feel like this is how they’re gonna restrict the map at the beginning of the story, like if you go too far from a certain area until you complete the prologue the cops will come after you. But once you finish the prologue the map opens up and you can just go wild. Red Dead 2 did something similar where if you try to leave the mountains during Chapter 1, Arthur will slowly freeze to death in the blizzard. I could be completely wrong on this but I just wanted to share my thoughts

    • @wendellnovais says:

      You’re right,good observation!This might really be the case,I haven’t seen anyone pointing the ankle monitor before.

    • @onlyinoniontown4987 says:

      you read that subreddit, didn’t you

    • @Jb23342 says:

      @@onlyinoniontown4987 Maybe… 😂 but I was actually thinking of this theory before I saw it on there, and it seems like a lot people across social media have similar thoughts. That subreddit is something else, every post on there is either really interesting or really stupid with no in-between

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