10 Details You May Have Missed in GTA 6 Trailer 1

10 Details You May Have Missed in GTA 6 Trailer 1

You’d be surprised how much happened in the 90 seconds of the first GTA 6 trailer, let’s break it all down in this video!

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39 Responses

  1. @duanebuchlerjr5349 says:

    The thing that stuck out the most for me is the npc’s and the many body types they have captured with them. It’s gonna might this game sooo real to life. CAN’T wait!!!!

  2. @Ezraybeats602 says:

    Because it’s been 10 years since v came out, I feel like I’ve forgotten how well Rockstar is able to capture the essence of our current culture and the overall vibe of a city. Words can’t describe how excited I am

    • @lookherelooklisten7850 says:

      It has been 12 years

    • @jelleducheyne says:

      Do you forget Red Dead Redemption 2?

    • @talpatv512 says:

      ​@@jelleducheyneyea but its a western, prob the best western ever made, but not set in a modern city, except Saint Denis, they rly made me hate how dirty it was, but damn it was beatiful sometimes, I guess you could argue that it might be considered “modern” by the fact thats its heavy indutrialised and set up the concept of the italian mafia, or proto mafia set in said city

    • @cadennorris960 says:

      @@lookherelooklisten7850September 2013 so it’s been 10 years not 12

    • @b1bbscraz3y says:

      and this year went by so fast. next year will be over before you know it

  3. @isakyhadz says:

    Man, going by this trailer, the game feels so alive. I know many people talk about how some open world games feel “lived in”, but this is a whole new level. I mean, look at all the different body types alone. They also really portrayed the Florida vibe. I can’t wait to play this. I mean, I’ve waited a decade so I can wait a but more, but damn it, I want it!

  4. @nathancrown404 says:

    Totally agree on how well Rockstar perfectly captures our culture at a moment in time. Wether it be with San Andreas, IV, V or now VI

  5. @rtreaper9985 says:

    The game just looks fun. I hope it’s so dense that you rarely have the same path each time you play. I hope the AI makes it where each npc has a unique interaction just as unique as each character looks. I love that it’s so packed and filled realistically with people, cars and everything else. Hoping it’s the same life-altering/game-altering feeling of gta3, but even more so.

  6. @bigkabuto says:

    What I really missed in V are lots of enterable interiors. So I hope VI has tons of them. And I also really hope they overhauled the mission structure. Give us multiple ways to take on objectives.

  7. @loyalunic0rn11 says:

    I’m so hyped for GTA 6. The GTA 6 trailer is definitely going down as number #1 Most anticipated Launch Day trailer ever.

  8. @MagnumSkyWolf says:

    Someone pointed out Lucia is also wearing an ankle braclet which probably makes her only able to access certain area of the map from the start.

  9. @grfchan1333 says:

    Well done, gentlemen! It’s truly an honor. I’ve always dreamed of this day, and now, a decade later, we’re blessed with another outstanding game from the finest saga in this accursed world.

  10. @TheMostHumblest_ says:

    Hope the story mode gets a co-op option. That would be fun

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