5 Minute Crafts that will change your LIFE!

5 Minute Crafts that will change your LIFE!

Never fear: Tall Daddy ™ is here!

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Intro and additional music by Harry Foster

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47 Responses

  1. @thebigkapowski says:

    I love how these have become “Dan tortures Arin, but Arin not-so-secretly likes it.”

  2. @beausammy2981 says:

    God I love these boys so much. Thanks Arnold and Debbie

  3. @punifisher577 says:

    Dan calling himself daddy, then immediately falling nearly killed me.

  4. @andalongjacket says:

    “This isn’t wine, it’s rosé!”

    That signature Arin blend of confidence and inaccuracy

  5. @EldritchDoodler4828 says:

    I love that Arin’s eye is extremely bloodshot in one section for a completely undisclosed reason this episode

  6. @rubiaoilgreco says:

    7:23 arin’s comedy & tragedy cheeks will now be my laptop wallpaper thank you grumps

  7. @FaithJman69 says:

    Arin on a subway with a toilet seat lunchables was something I didn’t know I needed.

  8. @resileaf9501 says:

    Imagine seeing that Arin while on the subway.

    Wearing two pairs of tights, one of them cut open at the butt to reveal his comedy and tragedy cheeks, two swimsuit bottoms slung over his chest with potatoes in them, a toilet seat hanging from his neck, colored cucumber peels on his fingernails, his hair rolled in tissues, tape with sunglasses drawn on it over his eyes, fives pairs of sandals glued together…

    • @koy5902 says:


    • @averysmalman8191 says:

      And as he pulls out a lunchables pizza and a wine glass with a hot dog inside, everyone would look at him and be like “eh, seen weirder here”

    • @MeonLights says:

      When you get closer to him, you realize that he is washing down the lunchables balanced on the toilet seat with soda squeezed from a dotted rubber glove. He is also slathered in stringy play-doh butter and filtering some dirty water through a tampon. You don’t know why he does that since he has several gloves of soda. Then you realize he is holding a hammer and a glass of rosé. He seems to be sipping the rosé (but not the soda) through a hollowed out Hot-Dog.

    • @OrgaNik_Music says:

      I feel like I see someone like that every time I go on the subway

    • @lindey3825 says:

      Just another day on the subway

  9. @thegothaunt says:

    I laughed so hard at picturing Arin on the subway with the toilet seat and the lunchable, lmao

  10. @kitsper says:

    “This is like a rare moment of tampon zen in the middle of our crazy lives.”

    “I’m so glad I got to share this with you Dan.”

    “Now drink the tampon water, Arin.”

    This is the level of friendship all people need in their lives.

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