500mph Bowling Ball Vs. Bulletproof Glass at 82,000fps feat. @theslowmoguys

500mph Bowling Ball Vs. Bulletproof Glass at 82,000fps feat. @theslowmoguys

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Thanks to Total Security Solutions for providing bulletproof products for this video: https://security.tssbulletproof.com/how-ridiculous

A HUGE thanks to Craig Beals from @BealsScience and Shaun for hosting us and building the insane bowling ball jeep cannon. More videos with it coming soon! Cheers to Gav & Dan from @theslowmoguys for joining us again at the Montana field of dreams.

Thanks to IGNITE Firing Systems for providing the i18 Firing Module for the bowling ball cannon: https://www.youtube.com/@ignitefiringsystems

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29 Responses

  1. The Slow Mo Guys says:

    Still blown away by that on-the-fly metric conversion.

  2. ExhiledShadow says:

    I love that no one even questioned what adding a second bowling ball might do to the jeep. Everyone immediately said “YES! That’s the best idea ever, and we are doing it.”

    • Crazy Sasha says:

      Hey at least it still rolls.

    • Keidryn Winters says:

      I genuinely love how enthusiastic those guys were. Honestly feel that while How Ridiculous and Slow Mo Guys were the hosts and focus of the camera work, Shaun and Craig need more praise for their work here too. Would love to see them collab with both teams again in the future.

    • Charles Bidlingmaier says:

      Sounds like me and my buddy’s when I was younger. And I’m from Texas!

  3. Azrael713 says:

    Craig and Shaun are absolute gems. Love their energy

  4. hesgrant says:

    This is the best collab that could have ever happened. The banter is absolutely hilarious. Love this stuff guys!

  5. Ke Man says:

    I don’t want this collab to ever end. It’s a true blessing

  6. M. W. says:

    Gav and Dan have possibly the greatest collab success rate ever. Their champagne uncorking video with Rhett and Link years ago was absolutely incredible. Just great, natural chemistry with everyone they meet.

  7. Jeffrey Tyler says:

    I don’t want the SlowMoGuys and HR collab to ever end

  8. AndyCorb says:

    The chemistry between these guys is legendary. We need a new ‘The How Ridiculously slow-mo guys’ channel 😂🎉

  9. Julian Brown says:

    The Slowmoguys & HR might just go to down as the best collaborations in all of YouTube history. I literally could not stop smiling throughout this entire video.

  10. Jaap van der Velde says:

    I feel Shaun deserved a bit more credit on the results of that final shot. That sitch was all surprises and there was a lot to get distracted by, but he kinda called it.

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