60 Seconds! REATOMIZED

60 Seconds! REATOMIZED

60 Seconds had an update about 3 years ago so in my usual timely fashion I’m gonna be the first to the scene with all the new content!
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40 Responses

  1. NeRethil Wolfsson says:

    Timmy: I like space.
    Mark: I will die for this child.

  2. Fable's Hearth says:

    I love how Mark doesn’t feed the family for 6 days and then is surprised when everyone gets sick

    • Crusader The Stranger says:

      @Lydia Hanger
      This is something you don’t see everyday…

    • Itzcoatl says:

      @Gay is yay cringe

    • Monika says:

      @Lydia Hanger don’t think they are a bot, pretty sure they just said that to the maniac making fun of marks niece passing away.

    • Lycan Ferret says:

      @Randy the thot slayer No no. This is appropriate. Read the comment of the person the bot replied to and tell me they don’t deserve the religious spiel.

    • #1 loser In the making says:

      Lol yeah. But technically thats not why they got sick. The family can go max 10 days between eating. They got sick because Mark didn’t have any items that would help clean them, ie the bullets gas mask or the bug spray.

  3. Wameng Lo says:

    I’ve grown so used to Lixian’s editing that I can tell when he isn’t the one editing the video 🤣

  4. Dylan Swinson says:

    Timmy is just looking at Mark the whole time like “Dad, who is this man in the square?”

  5. The Mineshack says:

    “I’ve heard that you don’t need to feed them every day, but I won’t be doing that”

    *feeds them once a week*

  6. MetalMan1245 says:

    Mark: I nEeD theSe bUllEtS
    Also Mark: Only has a broken gun.

  7. TheMysteriousMan says:

    I feel like mark didn’t know this was one big home alone reference

    • silvercandra says:

      @The Lady Blerd Tha- *that’s why they said you’re early.*

    • Soap says:

      60 Seconds has a Home Alone reference so does that mean 60 Parsecs has a Star Wars reference?

    • The Lady Blerd says:

      @silvercandra 🤦🏿‍♀️ ….so, it’s one of the Home Alone references _in the video_ ( ref. 43:16 )

    • TheMysteriousMan says:

      @C maybe he just laughed at the words out of context. I think if he knew he would have talked about it cause every quest and encounter was modeled after it

    • silvercandra says:

      @The Lady Blerd Okay so… there are Home Lam´noe references in the vid… and you references those references… and then they said “You’re one month early”, because it’s november and Home Alone is a christmas movie… then you told them you said it because it was a reference, and then I tried to explain the you, that they were saying you’re early, because Home Alone is a christmas movie…
      Do you understand what’s going on now?
      *We’ve probably all seen the movie and know the references, the joke is just that it’s november.*

  8. Dallas Jones says:

    I like how Mark held on to his ammunition throughout the entire challenge even after the gun he had was broken.

  9. Alexis :D says:

    I love the home alone reference of the “I’m gonna pump your guts full of lead. 1, 2, 10.” and then harry and marv show up in the shelter. just incredible

  10. Gaming_Wolf says:

    Remember folks: Without Bob and Wade, Mark sucks at survival.

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