The Horrors of Villisca Ax Murder House

The Horrors of Villisca Ax Murder House

Does this rural Iowan home hold the spirits of its tragic history?


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Jillian DiBlasio

Shane Madej

Ryan Bergara

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31 Responses

  1. Toufusoup says:

    Friday is always gonna be a good day. Not because it’s the end of the week, but because the Ghoul Boys bless us with an upload.

  2. cakies :P says:

    #Postmortem Seeing as how the killer managed to kill all 8 victims without a single one waking up, is it possible that the killer was with the family the night before and drugged their meals or something? Some of the victims shared beds, and if the cut in the wall is truly from the upswing of the killer’s axe, the impact would make a lot of noise. It just doesn’t make logical sense to me that a person in the same bed as you could be murdered in the face WITH AN AXE without you noticing, unless you had some kind of intoxicant in your system. Would love to hear your thoughts! #shaniacforlife

  3. Kris Punke says:

    #postmortem Did y’all hear any of the theories that these murders were linked to either the Axeman of New Orleans or the Hinterkaifeck Family Massacre?

  4. Monika says:

    Question for #postmortem
    Have you ever heard about the serial killer theory talked about in the book “The Man from the Train”. Apparently around this time period, several murders were committed by a person with an axe, usually near train yards allowing for this person to travel the country. It’s been theorized that this person was also responsible for the New Orleans axe murders.

  5. Erin Gaither says:

    #postmortem WHERE IS THE HOT DAGA

  6. Sam Sora says:

    What did it feel like when the bed moved? Was it like someone sitting next to you? I’ve experienced that

  7. Andy says:

    It’s funny how Ryan goes in after Shane has probably pissed off the spirits.

    • That MadGirl says:

      Becoz Shane is The Demon here so All Freaking ghosts will Run away once He goes in 😂😂

    • Silver Salmon says:

      @Vishal Singh Negi to a point. You’re never gonna be your authentic selves on camera doing a show. But its not entirely fabricated. Not that deep my guy

  8. Jenn Wanderer says:

    Shane: “if you’re the killer…”
    Ad: “This party is gonna get LIT”

  9. Matthew Richard says:

    Shane’s little breakdown over the Maglite thing was priceless. You can literally see his brain shut down and reboot as he realizes he is once again having to explain this lol

  10. Marisa Fernandes says:

    Ghost: “switch” maybe the other one will show me some respect…
    Shane: f*** no
    Ghost: ….

  11. Apurva Gupta says:

    so many killer quotes in this episode, my fave being – “he just seems to have no fear, which I used to think was courageous but now I just think he’s an insane person.”

  12. Wolfyy says:

    Even if he doesn’t believe just hearing Shane say “I’m terrified” makes me scared. He never gets scared so if he says it I’m preparing myself

    • Mayumi-Chan🌹 says:

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    • Lisa Pink says:

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    • Greyson Mitchell says:

      Wait when did he say that?

    • Wolfyy says:

      @Greyson Mitchell the beginning when he was talking about how he’s terrified to be in Iowa XD

    • Chikaae Shizumi says:

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  13. Ed Marco Lajato says:

    Conclusion: Shane’s disbelief in ghosts is as strong as his love for his girlfriend and as much as he hates the spirit box.

  14. Shanislost ASMR says:

    The fact that Shane is more focused on hating Iowa than the investigation is so funny to me

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