7-Year-Old Encounters Massive Bear While Riding Scooter

7-Year-Old Encounters Massive Bear While Riding Scooter

Heartstopping video captures the moment a 7-year-old comes face to face with a black bear while riding a scooter near his home in Canada. The video shows the bear heading right towards the boy in broad daylight. Without panicking, Huxley Hardy stares the animal down until the bear stops dead in its tracks. Out of nowhere, Huxley’s neighbor appears with his arms raised high. The neighbor relentlessly pursues the bear from behind the car until the animal finally scurries away.

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37 Responses

  1. Cyberninja says:

    Huge props to the boy for not panicking, and the man for helping him.

  2. UnderdogPsychosis says:

    How many kids would stay that calm?! Wow. So much respect for the boy and the guy 🙌🏻

  3. Alisa Tribbey says:

    I want that man for a neighbor! He’s a true hero! And Hucksley was soooo brave too! He had such composure to not run! Great job guys!👍🏼

  4. John Ravencraft says:

    That nextdoor neighbor is a hero and that is one brave kid that stood his ground and being able to remain calm during that encounter is unreal way to go kid.

    • JoeBidens_TouchyHands says:

      Yea because we all know a woman wouldn’t risk her life for anything or anyone. THANK GOD FOR MEN OF THE WORLD.

  5. Lindsey Lee says:

    I love that instead of running as soon as the bear is away from him, the kid just scoots away all calm like this is something that happens all the time.

  6. Courtney says:

    Oh thank goodness!!! I’m so glad everyone is safe, what a brave boy and brave neighbor!

    • The Jeneral J.U.-ICE Forever says:

      Seriously though because that situation could’ve gone horribly wrong.

    • JoeBidens_TouchyHands says:

      Yea, thank goodness for a man being there because we all know a woman wouldn’t risk her life for anything or anyone. THANK GOD FOR MEN OF THE WORLD.

  7. JAGzilla8954 says:

    Everybody involved handled this like a champ. The kid didn’t panic, the neighbor gave Batman some pointers, and the bear made the smart call. We should all be taking notes here.

    • CranberryFo says:

      Even the woman in the background (wife of the neighbor?) looks like she was moving towards the kid to ensure he got away from harm. The video cuts out before she reaches the kid, but I assume she was moving towards him to tend to him. So props to her as well for presumably moving to tend to the young boy while the man kept the bear occupied.

    • noob says:

      it’s not even that serious

    • Bobby Durst says:

      ​​@noob-jy7zd A bear ran up to a small child, who would have likely been attacked were the man not there to scare it off.

      It was deadly serious.

    • Jessie1 says:

      What they didnt tell you is the bear went around the corner and ate an ever younger kid

    • Tommy T says:

      Idk maybe the bear just wanted to ride the scooter

  8. PraetorianAU says:

    When the kid just goes straight back to riding his scooter put a big smile on my face. Just brushes it off like it was nothing. What a champ.

  9. T.P. W. says:

    The way the boy takes a small step towards the bear is just remarkable.

  10. Nina Von Gunten says:

    Thank God he wasn’t hurt! Much love and blessings to Huxley! Stay safe!

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