90’s TV – Figure It Out

90’s TV – Figure It Out

Another classic Nickelodeon gameshow. Shout out to Lori Beth Denberg, who always … Figured It Out.

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Thanks to lellowranger for having that haunting clip of the chick’s dog drinking from her mouth.

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22 Responses

  1. The J-Pooka of YT 🅥 says:

    Brewstew is like the South Park of youtube. He’s been making content for so long and it’s still funny and interesting.

  2. TricsExotic says:

    This dude is comedy gold we need to protect him and his family at all costs

  3. Eack_ Jeptic says:

    That dog looked just as traumatized as you sounded when talking about that one girl’s “talent”! 😆

  4. Raymond Sipe says:

    I have never seen nor heard of any of these Nickelodeon shows, but I am certain that Brewstew’s description is 100% accurate and probably more entertaining than the original series themselves!😂 I’m looking forward to more episodes of this sub series.

  5. AerosTV_ says:

    It always fun when Brewstew posts, it’s unexpected and really funny!

  6. AJ'sMotoLife says:

    I remember once Lori Beth figured it out in the 1st round and everyone else on the panel was like WTF, you just denied a child a pair of rollerblades. 🤣

  7. Paytron22 says:

    Nothing like coming home from school on a Friday and watching Brewstew

  8. Dalton 7210 says:

    These Brewstew cartoons. Always crack me up.😂

  9. peacecraft82 says:

    Lori Beth was my favorite panel member too. I remember when this show was on they would rotate who was on the panel a lot but Lori Beth was almost always on there. She is awesome!

  10. Lucasisacomic says:

    Lori Beth would be the closer for every episode, shes like that hard boiled detective that gets the confession out of the criminal

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