I Watched Haminations New Video… and it’s CRAZY

I Watched Haminations New Video… and it’s CRAZY

So, I watched Haminations new video and it’s… CRAZY! First, RobertIDK watched TheOdd1sOut. Then, he reviewed Jaiden Animations, and then the RobertIDK Haminations Review finally happened! Haminations Animations is a funny animation story channel created by Bryson from Utah, and today we are doing a haminations reaction to Haminations My Brother Almost Died (18 Times…) ! Enjoy!

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38 Responses

  1. Haminations says:

    I’m 22 and I look like I’m 16. We going up boys 😎😎😎

    Maybe my parents forged my birth certificate or something as a sick prank and I really AM 16 idk

  2. Snomyy says:

    This is Bryson’s best video, the fact that everybody was voiced by the real life person is amazing and the animation is just super good.

  3. SoapAnimates says:

    As a person that watched the video,i can say that it is really crazy that his brother somehow almost died 18 times.I have hardly ever gotten close to even getting seriously injured and cant even begin to imagine how these even managed to happen

  4. 2mp says:

    The fact that Robert can respond to the community so quickly and do another Haminations video makes me want to subscribe!

  5. zaydenaries says:

    Imagine how awesome a collab between Haminations and Robert would be!! 👀

  6. Drake Edgington says:

    The mother screaming at the cast part is infact a meme. It was a voice recording from a movie called a Christmas story published in 1983. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  7. Estonia, Fiji, Armenia. Reply the emoji flags tome says:

    I honestly love this guy’s content. As a person struggling with depression and family members dropping like flies, these videos make my day 200% better.

  8. 2W brothers says:

    This man has had hard times and has bounced back better than I could, lot of kudos to you. You make my, and probably others, day so much better thanks for doing this

  9. Jeffrey Miller says:

    This is truly the only channel who actually makes reacting to others entertaining

  10. P-frog says:

    I love how you can see the reflection of the video in Robert’s sunglasses. I love just seeing the reflection and seeing how different it was from the least scene we saw. I love it.

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