A Conversation With Nicki Minaj & Joe Budden

A Conversation With Nicki Minaj & Joe Budden

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Joe is joined by a very special Friend of the Show for this interview: the one and only, Queen’s finest, Nicki Minaj. The two would go over the earliest moments and catch up on the latest journeys in Nicki’s career; from rapping with the best of them to creating her own fashion line, it’s not out of nowhere that Nicki has become the household name that she is. Nicki chops it up with Joe about her writing style, rollouts for her new projects, rap techniques, her outlook on where hip-hop is going and how the industry should be more adequately ran, to embracing motherhood & more!

Director – Drew Morris
Producer – Drew Morris, Keeb, Ian Schwartzman
Cinematographer – Kristin Mendez
Location Audio – Grant Stakenas
AC/B-Cam – Ashley Lowery
Edit/Color – Ryan Perea
Post Audio – Grant Stakenas
Vfx Producer – Max Colt
Production Company – Born Ready Films

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31 Responses

  1. rapidsongs says:

    She’s so real in what everything she says, she’s painted as the bad guy because she says real things and things that people don’t want to listen, she inspires me a lot on the way she thinks about work, she’s a real one and deserves more respect and flowers

  2. nub says:

    I have no idea why Nicki is not being recognized for how huge,special,icon,trendsetter and legend she is…it has been angering me for years. Nicki is everything I aspire too…she is gorgeous…powerful and unforgettable 👑👑

  3. TimeBucks says:

    This interview was truly an eye opener

  4. Alyssa Diaz says:

    i’ve been listening to Nicki since ‘09 and to see her grow, but not CHANGE, makes me so proud to be a fan! it’s truly a disgrace that shes never received a grammy, especially for PINK FRIDAY! this women has been THE influence for over 10 years ✨

  5. Leeny P says:

    Nicki is a legend she dominated with her style and thought out solid bars and her influence is still seen today. She is to be RESPECTED!!!!

  6. HNM Magazine says:

    The way Nicki and Joe teased the interview on her Instagram live makes me anxious I don’t know why… The Queen will speaK!

    Update: I FREAKING LOVE this interview. So much positivity and facts. She is super articulate, smart, passionate and she proves it again. She’s not fame-hungry and cares about her community, her culture. I love that energy! I would LOOOOVE for her and Lil’ Kim to do that Vogue cover together. For the culture.

  7. Liz Scarlett says:

    I have no idea why Nicki is not being recognized for how huge,special,icon,trendsetter and legend she is…it has been angering me for years. Nicki is everything I aspire too…she is gorgeous…powerful and unforgettable 👑👑

    • VactuART says:

      @Nyla Bellinger they’re literally on Nicki’s side… and for the original commenter to say they have no idea why she isn’t pushed more is tone deaf as hell because it’s what Joe and Nicki talked about in this interview … 😭😭

    • Nyla Bellinger says:

      @Denise Johnson bye Nicki is a legend and that’s all it matters

    • Denise Johnson says:

      Do you still have “no idea why”??? Nicki just shed light on the systematic racism & “privilege” the industry pretends doesn’t exist. Unfortunately superstar Nikki Minaj got machines eg. Billboard, Vogue spreading their systemic racism & disgustingly blatant biases. It’s ridiculous, racism period is ridiculous & immature!! Truth is, nearly everyone I know are some kind of dumb axx racist. We got to do better as a species. I love our differences. When we’re able to celebrate our differences as opposed to condemn an entire people, will sxxx change. Truth is, black people are usually the victims of racism. Honestly, blacks cannot end racism. Only the creators of racism, can put a stop to it. Racism is so freakin lame, but so are the racist. I am not proud to say, at times, I’m prejudice, but absolutely grateful to say I’m not at all a racist!! It’s been a couple hours since you left comment, with plenty of time to understand. Take care✌🏿

    • jpg316 says:

      She’s amazing I agree. Who isn’t recognizing her? I think she’s consensus pick for best female rapper ever by almost everyone. Don’t let a few internet trolls fool ya, people mostly love Nicki Minaj

    • Nyla Bellinger says:

      Yes 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  8. bocastannn says:

    The fact that Nicki is still relevant after all these years with NO Grammy’s proves the music she creates is excellent. All shade to the stans that think their fave is ACTUALLY good because they have more #1’s or awards than another as you can see that doesn’t mean shit

  9. Patricia H says:

    This was a great interview. You can tell that Nicki has grown so much. Her messaging is the same but her delivery and gratitude has evolved. She seems like she has done some therapy or has been able simply becoming more in tune with herself. I think the best part was the last 5 minutes as she spoke about her son. Really great interview.

  10. King Neptune says:

    Nicki deserves all her flowers, its a shame that we are in a time in which some people will forget all of her accomplishments and fight tooth and nail to discredit her legacy and talent. 🌹🌸🌺🌷🌻🌼💐

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