State of Play | March 9, 2022 [ENGLISH]

State of Play | March 9, 2022 [ENGLISH]

A new State of Play is upon us! Join us for new reveals and eye-catching updates for PS5 and PS4 titles. Note: We won’t have any updates on PlayStation VR2 titles or hardware in this broadcast. The show is clocking in around 20 minutes, give or take, with a special focus on highlighting great games coming from some of our beloved Japanese publishers, though we’ll have a few updates from other developers located around the world.

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43 Responses

  1. Active Evolution says:

    Don’t tell me I’m the only one whose super stoked for The Ninja Turtles collection!.I remember begging my mother for quarters so I could play the arcade games.

  2. Lycon Xero says:

    I was glad to hear that they postponed Forspoken. The combat in the game looks really cool but I definitely got the impression that the game needed more polishing time.

    • Kennosuke 88 says:

      @The Actual Player 2  not on ps4 it won’t it’ll be terrible experience

    • Kennosuke 88 says:

      The graphics look much worse then the original trailer 🤣

    • DAMN says:

      @The Actual Player 2 if the graphics still look the way they do now it might even be above 60

    • DAMN says:

      it still looks too generic and bland like biomutant/ubisoft games with its vast empty open stretches of just green land and very slow paced combat, I don’t think there’s any point playing a game like this again after I’ve played open world games like horizon forbidden west and elden ring

    • The Actual Player 2 says:

      Yeah I’m worried about framerate stuttering tbh. Looks like a lot going on at once. This game gonna be 60fps?

  3. positive vibe says:

    I am interested in Ghost Wore Tokyo but the enemies from the trailers just seem to stand and not move much, it is probably edited that way to show off the magic, but I would like to see how enemies move and dodge. The turtles arcade game seals that collection for me. I was addicted to that as a kid in our local video store.

  4. Jeff Reuther says:

    I’m just glad there’s a new strategy game on Playstation. Looks dope.

  5. AlucardL30 says:

    I am super excited about the announcement of a new Valkyrie game from Square-Enix. I loved the PS1 and PS2 games and I have been looking forward to having a new game of the franchise for many years. I thought that I was never gonna see a new release of this saga, but thankfully I was wrong 😁👍🏻

    • andreiZero1 says:

      @Kaminari House For me it was the flower field that gave me flashbacks. That said, I was kinda hopping for a Valkyrie Profile Lenneth type of gameplay, but as an action combat enthusiast I never say no to something like this. I hope this sells well cause I really lost hope for a comeback of the franchise.

    • Junda Mane says:

      Yeah only true og playstation fans are excited for it, you can tell the new ps fans because they never heard of the classic series 😂

    • Deltath Riylaan says:

      I’d be more excited if it were more like the rest of the series. Seems mostly just to be a thematic similarity.

    • Naran Lerlop says:

      I mean… Don’t expect too much. SQ AAA game lately has been nothing but junks. Pretty much only sources of income for them is Final Fantasy Series, especially FF XIV and their mobile games.

    • Kaminari House says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. The second I heard the music I was getting Valkyrie vibes, and they only got stronger as it went on.
      I was all over the place when that logo showed up. I heard that DS VP game didn’t sell well, so I’m glad to see the franchise return, and with different gameplay to boot.

  6. Aderonin One says:

    Hopefully bigger announcements to come but this seems to be the time of Square Enix.

  7. 360Noahscope says:

    As another commenter said, when you see a small one like this, you can expect a much bigger one is in the works. If this was all we’re getting for a while then why wouldn’t they show information on games we know are set to come soon like Project Eve? I suspect there’s a bigger showcase in the works at this very moment

  8. joohoney one hunnit says:

    Returnal getting an actual content update is the best thing to ever happen to the ps5 since the release of Returnal.

  9. AntChodeny says:

    So happy that Jojo is also coming to PC. I love All Star back when I had a PS3. I’m also excited for FF Origin, I’m hoping it has crossplay so I can play with my Xbox and PlayStation friends.
    Edit: Valkyrie was a welcome surprise! Let’s go!

    • Finn Koeweit says:

      @Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheaps and anything from Jojolion would be nice too, even eyes of heaven has more part 8 characters (still only two though)

    • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheaps says:

      Finally a fellow JoJo fan. I really hope they add weather report though.

  10. Pedro Rodrigues says:

    Out of all the State of Plays I’ve ever seen, this was definitely one of them.

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