A New Way to Understand Cancer

A New Way to Understand Cancer

Sources & further reading: https://sites.google.com/view/sources-cancer-city/
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An undead city under siege, soldiers and police ruthlessly shooting down waves of zombies that flood from infected streets, trying to escape and infect more cities. This is what happens when your body fights cancer, more exciting than any movie.

How does this battle for survival unfold?

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40 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    Sources & further reading: https://sites.google.com/view/sources
    This video was partially financed by Gates Ventures.
    If you want to support this channel and get something nice in return check out our shop:

  2. Brian Koehler says:

    Cancer researcher here! Very good video on one of the hallmarks of cancer: Immune Escape. I’d like to point out that in this last stage of dangerous cancer, part of the immune system does more than just suppress T cells, they actually get their hands dirty with building tumor town too. In a real tumor, the majority of the occupants aren’t necessarily cancer cells. The rest are either trying to restrain the tumor, or help it grow bigger as the cancer corrupts the functions of the “normal” cells. It is truly a story of duplicitous agents!

  3. Jimmy Neutron says:

    Thank you so much to all of the people out there researching and studying how to get rid of cancer. You guys really are life changers. ❤

    • Sanguine says:

      The largest tragedy of cancer is the gross misunderstanding of the root causes, which a long with bias, has lead cancer research down the wrong path.

      Nuclear transfer studies have shown cancer is NOT caused by DNA mutations, as is currently accepted.
      These are at best secondary epiphenomenon, which might play a role in the type and how cancer presents once you have cancer, but are not the root cause.

      The root cause is now known to be metabolic in origin.

      The Press Pulse method of treatment is a non toxic treatm and the patient ends up healthier after treatment.

      Research and treatment using this knowledge is in it’s early stages, but is seeing amazing results. Hopefully soon it will be large RCT trials, but struggles to even be permitted vs standard of care due to the existing dogma.

      There are many published articles on animals, and I look forward to studies on humans. So far this has been used for case studies on humans, even curing glioblastomas.

      Highly recommend the research of Dr. Thomas Seyfried. Should he live to see his research completed, he’ll be in line for a Nobel prize in medicine.

  4. Dr Nig says:

    The most resilient person I’ve known about this was my great-aunt: she lived with leukaemia for almost 20 years and lung cancer (most of which surgically removed, luckily) for 5, and yet she still had, until her last 6 months, the strength to live on her own and care for herself.

    • Ziv Atad says:

      that is both inspiring and sad,
      I hope she’s in a better place now .

    • Burny Izland says:

      My Nana had so many kinds of cancer for decades and eventually died in her 80s of ‘natural causes.’ She was fine in the morning, then wasn’t, then died that same day. For her it started with cervical, then endometrial, ovarian, liver, skin – so many surgeries for skin… there were others but I honestly can’t remember them all – really thought the liver of all things would kill her and I remember her being very sick in the hospital for a while with that and one other at the same time but she fully recovered and went on for another 15+ years. I’m glad I witnessed this because it’s allowed me to speak with hope to the people in my life who’ve gone through it since.

    • EpicSC says:

      Now imagine… there are 30 million poor people in US. At least your families could get surgery. A lot of people can’t.

    • Burny Izland says:

      @EpicSC Now imagine… there are over 6.5 BILLION people on this earth that aren’t American. I’m thankful to count myself among them. Maybe fix your own country instead of chewing out people online who may have nothing to do with it.

    • Dr Nig says:

      @EpicSC I’m Italian fortunately: our national health care, despite its issues, is mostly based on public services, we have more guarantees and even private hospitals aren’t that expensive (at least not the most “luxurious” used by VIPs).

  5. Dukky says:

    This was really hard and powerful to watch. My dad is in his final stages of terminal brain cancer and is only expected to have a couple months left after fighting for over 2 years. Seeing everything laid out in a way like this sheds light on what’s really going on with him, and speaks to the severity of the situation.

  6. Andrew says:

    What’s so scary is that cancer sometimes builds dark big cities without the “rest of the world” noticing. Then, suddenly, the city is so huge and influential that it pulls the “whole country” into the abyss.

  7. Player 2 Nation says:

    I couldn’t stop the tears in my eyes, I needed this so badly! as a person with ADHD its hard to sit and study walls of words and it still make sense at the end, no matter how many times a doctor could explain it; it was still hard for me to understand how severe my moms cancer is, but then Kurzqesagt comes over and whispers in my ear “I got you buddy” … thank you! thank you! thank you!

    • Luís C says:

      Prayers for the best. I suggest you and her research about fasting = starving cancer cells directly. It does work. Please.

    • Elijah says:

      Including me, almost every young person can fit the ADHD diagnosis these days.

  8. Nemo says:

    I am a cancer specialist and I approve of this story. The main thing I would suggest is that yes some immunotherapy is like “giving your building inspectors machine guns,” but I’d say that more of it is about getting rid of the fake building permits.

    • Hanmacx says:

      As cancer Specialist, have you seen the Anime “Cells at Work”?
      Especially the Cancer Episodes?

    • abloogywoogywoo says:

      Once Upon a Time… Life, did this in the 80s. This isn’t a new idea.

    • Marco Marco says:

      @Hanmacx I thought about this anime during the whole video. Code black is 100% better tho

    • az3ar34 says:

      I am trying to understand the difference between a benign tumor and a malignant one. Can you please help explain the difference?
      I recently had surgery to remove a benign tumor I got in my face, and I have been trying to study a bit on the topic since 😅

  9. Daniel Pirez says:

    My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer 18 years ago. When they found it, they said he had to go to surgery immediately or it could be too late in a couple days. Today we are celebrating father’s day and it’s his first celebration as a grandpa, for i am a father myself now ❤

  10. Alexander Adiyasa says:

    I study land management and planning, and I’ve also got an interest in biology and how the body functions. The analogy and metaphors used to break this down was so well done

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