Film Theory: Spider-Man’s Biggest Threat is… the MCU?! (Spider Man Across the Spider Verse)

Film Theory: Spider-Man’s Biggest Threat is… the MCU?! (Spider Man Across the Spider Verse)

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Miles Morales has a REAL problem on his hands, Loyal Theorist. In Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse we find out he unintentionally created his own villain AND that none of the events from the previous movie were meant to happen. Moreover, Peter Park was not supposed to die! Now with the world unraveling around him and Miguel and the Spider Society doing their best to restore the “canon events” we have to ask… could the multiverse actually collapse? Is this Spider-Man movie connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)? And does Spider-Man have to DIE?!
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40 Responses

  1. Just Some Gal says:

    Matpat’s the kind of guy who can nail any innocent superhero with 37 Federal charges

  2. Cradiak Drumz says:

    The biggest problem I see with this theory is if having Spider-Men from different universes puts you at a higher risk of having an incursion, how in the world is Miguel’s world not in complete and utter chaos considering they have thousands of different Spider-Men there?

    • Mexicantoer says:


    • Rohith Dhar says:

      Not only that. But also Mattpat clearly misremembers what was causing incursions in Multiverse of Madness. What caused incursions wasn’t a person coming into another universe. Instead, it’s someone constantly and excessively dreamwalking into into their counterpart’s head in another universe. The reason being is that the film reveals that people’s dreams are actually events that a counterpart of theirs are experiencing and they are viewing in their subconscious REM sleep. In 838 Strange and 616 Wanda constantly dreamwalking, the boundaries of the universes are significantly eroded by them consciously inhabiting the body of their counterpart in another universe for a long period of time. That’s why 838 Dr. Strange mentions to the Illuminati that he caused an incursion when he’s “dreamwalking.” The fact that dreamwalking is a dangerous thing to do is further emphasized by 616 Dr. Strange inhabiting the corpse of Defender Strange and coming to Wundagore where Wanda calls him a hypocrite. It’s dreamwalking that is causing incursions rather than people stepping into universes.

    • penguinchickie says:

      thats what i was thinking like if incursions are the case then why hasnt their spiderman-filled world not blown up yet

    • David OBright says:

      @Rohith Dhar Yeah thats what i really dont like about this theory, but I have another thought that im really surprised that nobody has mentioned. In the show What If, we see Dr. Strange try his best to break an absolute point in time, the success of which causes the universe he lived in to vanish. Vanishing makes more sense than an incursion because it’s confirmed that’s what happened to the world that Miguel went to. The point that I really want to make is the fact that, in both stories, a super hero tries to do something to change the thing that drove them into being a super hero. Miguel would have stopped being spider man and Dr Strange would have never become the Sorcerer Supreme. This doesn’t explain the hole created in the universe that Indian spider-man was in, but I think it’s really worth noting. Also the containment fields used to hold prisoners, rifts, etc, look very very similar to the bubble that the What If Dr. Strange ends the episode in.

    • LucidTak3n says:

      so glad someone pointed that out

  3. Morien Foreshadow says:

    To be fair, the main priority of the Spider-Society isn’t just to reinforce canon events but to capture anomalies that could also cause incursions.

    • DrLove C69 says:

      With matpat 2 cent. This now includes themselves 😂

    • Jason Enns says:

      ​@DrLove C69They are not changing the universes. They are just stopping the mistakes. The incursion in the second secret wars was caused by Amadeus Cho or whatever his name was of Earth 1610 maintain the portal from the Spider-Men comicbook open, which cause the multiverse to converge.

    • Krat Kartan says:

      Ironically, while Miguel calls Mile an anomaly. He himself is one. and he’s a very dangerous one as his meir presence destroyed a reality. I honestly think he going to have to die to fix all the damage the society has done because if it wasn’t for him. The damage wouldn’t have been this bad.

  4. Flower says:

    The sad part too is that I also think Miguel is pushing all the blame onto Miles, WANTING him to be the problem, because if he’s not, that means that Miguel killed his family in a different world, and he doesn’t want to be a part of that. So by taking out Miles, he wants to fix everything.

    • Justice says:

      Miguel fears having Miles and other Spiderman make his mistakes because he killed everyone from ignorance.

    • Flower says:

      @Justice Yes, I think so, but I also think that he wants to shift some of the blame onto Miles. Obviously it’s not stated, but I think that’s part of why he’s so desperate to go after Miles, by saying it was all his fault, it removes some of the blame from Miguel and I think that’s what he wants. To feel like it’s not his fault, even if it’s just a little bit.

    • Hamburger says:

      @Flower killing your family will do that to you

    • Justice says:

      @Flower He blames himself outright in his own speech. It’s the first thing he explained.

  5. Supadupamario17 says:

    I would love it if miles made it into the mcu completely animated. It would definitely be a fresh take

  6. Jack Wolf says:

    The only problem I have with this, is that it’s more or less confirmed Gwen has spent a good portion of time in Hobie’s world. Possibly being in his band and doing things in his world. IF she is in his band performing then there’s a problem and an incursion should have happened already because he seems to be pretty big in his world. If she isn’t then it could be a delay thing as Matpat says.

    • harnessyourhopes says:

      that and Miguel’s HQ world would have literally fallen apart considering he had hundreds of spider-people there, all living and interacting with the world and each other. A giant, massive incursion should have ripped it apart very quickly if we go by MatPat’s theory, especially since Mumbattan fell apart with only 4 visitors.

    • jade says:

      did everyone just forget that their bands/watches prevent them from glitching?

    • Kepy says:

      @jadeyh thats what i was wondering, perhaps being present in other universes with the watch does not really cause incursions but rather them causing events like battles/damages which branch out from the multiverse line branch. Tbf Miles’ own universe should be in shambles from that theory too with what happened in the first movie

  7. OURcade says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t mention Gwen Stacy’s dad breaking canon by quitting his job. It’s another knock on Miguel’s canon theory, but it also pushed Gwen to realize the error of her and Miguel’s ways and try to help/join miles

    • LetsPlay4Free says:

      The “police captain close to spiderman” does not technically has be her dad though

    • Gaming Tiger says:


    • Movie Nerd says:

      But also by removing a Spider-person from their universe doesn’t that cause problems because now theres no spider-person in the universe. Assuming that one big canon event is that there’s a spider-person.

    • kittyself says:

      @LetsPlay4Freebut she doesnt have anyone else in her life that is a police captain, so i feel like its heavily implied that it was supposed to be her father

  8. Legogenius 22 says:

    As someone who has been really super frustrated with some of the recent Marvel Multiverse inconsistencies, I love this theory. Especially because it opens the door to clean all the issues up by showing EVERYONE is wrong, and that only Dr.Strange is right in saying we know very little about the Multiverse. This means the illuminati can be right about incusions, but wrong about calling the MCU 616, and with miguel being wrong about “canon events” the absolute points in what if no longer stop certain events from happening. Even something like Kevin from freaking she hulk being challenged in that series can prove another charater or group “in control of the multiverse” are all wrong. The TVA being controlled by kang and not he who remains allows events like the threat Ms. Marvel faced of a another world collapsing in on her earth sounds an awful lot like an incusion. I can’t belive im saying this….but did sony help fix a part of the frustration within the MCU? perhaps i treated you too harsly…..

  9. aneonfoxtribute says:

    Japanese Spider-Man was promised to be in Spiderverse 2, but that was before it was split into 2. As it stands, Spiderverse 3 has a very likely chance of having Japanese Spider-Man

    • Fernando Carloto says:

      All i need from Spiderverse 3 is some kind of Tengen Toppa Sp//der Leopardon, i don’t even care if it’s dumb or unnecessary.

  10. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    What I like about this theory is that it connects back to the first movie where they found themselves in a situation where they’re dying by being in another universe. In other words, the universe will either try to remove the intruder or it will self destruct in the process of it can’t

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