A Stroller For MEN?

A Stroller For MEN?

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35 Responses

  1. Lynn says:

    Imagine seeing a man in a too small camouflage tactical suit violently ramming a stroller into a curb outside walmart

  2. June says:

    Danny going over the handlebar of a stroller TWICE is confidently the funniest thing I have ever seen

    • Saint Shion 詩音💜🖤 says:

      I can’t stop laughing at “OW MY BUTT!”

    • Debbie Mohekey says:

      @anna ❊ Thats because of the stupid rotating wheels on the front-end and hard tyres. My kids used to push each other up and down the football field behind our house with each other in the old pram as fast as they could and never did those wheels spin sideways and anyone go -arse -over kite lol. They weren’t designed to. The hard tires will absorb no pressure and tip hitting even the smallest object and I don’t want to imagine what it might be like going up a flight of stairs. Slide off each step probably. There are prams and buggies around that are 40-50-60- yrs old and even if they’re now used as carts they’re still holding up.Thought a man had designed this and it might be built to last—more than 5 minutes. I’m disappointed.

    • anna ❊ says:

      I couldn’t recover from that lmao

  3. sof says:

    danny saying “im trying to think of the most tactical way to open this box” and immediately pulling out a gun and shooting it killed me 💀💀

  4. Haidyn Williams says:

    the fact that there is a market of men who would buy something like this to feel “manlier” when caring for and nurturing the child that they brought into the world is out of this world 😭

  5. cheesecake human says:

    danny almost immediately throwing out the instructions is such a dad thing to do

  6. Jadzia says:

    If Danny was trying to convince Laura NOT to have kids, this video probably did the job

  7. Insipid Wallflower says:

    Walking into an archery range wearing camo was brave. Thank you for your service Capt Dan that was truly selfless 🇺🇸🦅

  8. not_james_bond says:

    I’m rolling laughing at Danny flying over the stroller so many times. Just imagining a real parent with a real baby flying over their stroller randomly

  9. Benjamin Nelson says:

    My wife got me a “tactical” diaper bag, being former military it fits in with my other bags. I will say since I could care less about using the bag we got in the baby shower, it has become a pretty sweet laptop bag for work. Theres a lot of padding and pockets, in particular the insulated bottle pockets are great when I’m going to be working out in the field for a few hours but don’t want to bring an entire cooler for 2-3 drinks

  10. TheMakeupChair says:

    The one handed stroller push by some men always confuses me. I’m only halfway through the video but I hope you cover it…
    I saw a guy with a dog strollers and he had the cutest dog with little damaged legs, he was so kind and careful but he still did the one handed stroller push once he put his dog in, they aren’t doing anything else with the other hand…they don’t push shopping carts one handed…🤔

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