I followed a bunch of tutorials on how to get taller

I followed a bunch of tutorials on how to get taller

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oh yeah baby it’s time to get tall.

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40 Responses

  1. Ran Miller says:

    You should do a tutorial video on how to quit youtube and do it

  2. Kristian Mock says:

    Your writing is top tier. So cohesive and genuinely funny.

  3. JaredJJacobs says:

    I love how drew is slowly building very tiny healthy habits through these dumb these. Like what a round about way to realize stretching is good

  4. Miss Wilwarin says:

    Drew describing the struggles of sleeping too much is also just describing depression.

    • Varii says:

      Yeah because he has anxiety and depression, he openly described it on sad boyz podcast.

    • Elysse says:

      As a person with hashimotos he discribed my feeling perfectly

    • D0MiN0 says:

      @Mateusz Bugaj Judging by your comment, you’re the only one close enough in age to an actual 14yo. Otherwise you wouldn’t be spouting such nonsense and show a bit more empathy. Like, despite what the comments on here say, googling despression symptoms on the internet literally only takes a few seconds. Why not listen to people’s experiences? Why deliberately make yourself sound like a jerk instead?

    • Fionn says:

      @Mateusz Bugajplenty of people are generally clean and productive most of their lives, then when they develop depression they no longer have the will to keep performing at the same level, even though not performing to that level causes them distress. The same thing can happen at any age

    • cam charvest says:

      @Mateusz Bugaj theres a big difference between not wanting to do things (lazyness) and not being able to do things (bc of exhaustion from dealing with mental illness).
      nice for u if uve never experienced how absolutely debilitating depression can be but that doesnt give u the right to shit on other people who are going through a hard time

  5. Megan Melis says:

    Drew is slowly evolving into his Jenna marbles era of making the most random video concepts and im so here for it

  6. Samar Karim says:

    This video rlly resonates with me bcus during the pandemic i was obsessed with getting taller. Alot of people tease me for my height (im 5’0) and i became rlly insecure by the amount of comment i would get abt my shortness so during quarantine i would force myself to eat healthier, drink milk, listening to subliminals and stretch every day. Although i am grateful to obtain those new healthier habits they would become unnoticed by the lack of progress id made. So as someone who has tried these “tricks” for over a year and made little progress (the stretching did help my posture alot and made it seem that i grew a bit but not so significantly) dont let these videos ruin how you view your physical appearance. No matter what height or weight you are ur body is beautiful when it’s the healthiest so don’t waste ur time and focus on how to love the stuff you can’t change abt urself instead of forcing to change it and getting nowhere.

  7. Pinely says:

    I felt like an idiot for half expecting you to grow taller everytime you measured yourself

  8. tripsplat says:

    If Drew hadn’t knocked his progress off course by watching Velma, things would’ve ended differently.

    A lot of the “advice” for growing taller just seems like posture correction. A couple years ago, I bought a little posture correcting brace and made it a point to do stretches and exercises to straighten out a small hunch I’d had for years. I visited my parents after having not seen them in a couple years, and my mom kept commenting how I seemed a little taller, so I measured myself and it turned out I’d “grown” like an inch.
    Obviously most of this stuff relies on kids buying into the idea that correlation is causation and not understanding that regular growth and growth spurts are a thing, but it seems like some of the advice also just relies on improving posture and misdirecting the audience into believing it’s “growth” and not just ironing out a little kink.

  9. Austin Foulger says:

    Drew still is a master of his class. His videos never cease to entertain

  10. Matthew Cardenas says:

    I have had scoliosis my whole life and hearing drew have it makes me feel not so weird . Thank you for sharing it helps knowing I’m not alone .

    • Delphine, the worst Blade ever says:

      The worst part is not feeling weird. It’s being in pain when you’re older lol. Lots of people have it and don’t even know.

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