A Tropical Cyclone Explosion Is Happening…

A Tropical Cyclone Explosion Is Happening…

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In this video we are talking about tropical storm Hilary, new tropical storms in the Atlantic & our heat dome…

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34 Responses

  1. ♡shAnnOn♡ says:

    Ryan, Andy, the chasers and the YA’LL SQUAD have literally SAVED LIVES!!!

  2. The Witte Fam says:

    We definitely need the rain here in Victoria TX. My crops are dead and my chickens are suffering with all the heat we have had.😢

    • Jeremiah Allyn says:

      I can’t even imagine. Where I live in central Kentucky we’re about to have the hottest temps all summer, and it’s still not near the heat you all have had for months. I couldn’t live in that nastiness honestly. Stay cool!

    • Bing M says:

      Bad up here in Central Texas. We are so parched. Send some precip up here if you get any.

    • The Witte Fam says:

      @bingm8109  if I could I would 🤣. My chickens are starting to act more like ducks jump in their little kiddy pool just trying to stay cool.

    • Adventures with R W Goeasy says:

      Out by Waco is atrocious also. Really starting to wonder why we would get so excited as kids for summer- the acutal season itself is disrespectful af

    • Marty says:

      Our chickens hate it too. Thankfully weve got a mixed flock with ducks and geese so the chickens and turkeys can dip their toes in the little pond we made.
      Lord knows we need the rain

  3. Great Brandini says:

    I’m a commercial pilot, I have no idea why I’m here, but that was the best presented weather forecast I’ve ever seen. You explain weather patterns and what their expected long term behavior will look like while also explaining why it will look like that.

    • Mama Myrt says:

      He is the best Weatherman of the century! You should see when he is tracking Tornado outbreaks.

    • Rooster Jennings says:

      That’s because there’s no politics or agenda to push, man just reports strait facts.

    • fltenginerd says:

      Also a commercial pilot and I love Ryan’s stuff. With it I always have some background info on weather systems and long term forecasts before I go fly.

  4. Raven Padilla says:

    Your videos help me prepare and never panic. Thanks for all you do!!!!😊

  5. Doris Beans says:

    Thank you so much Ryan! We appreciate you for keeping us updated on these storms. My prayers to everyone hit by the hurricane. Praying for everyone in the path of the new storms as well. Please be safe guys and always, always stay prepared.

  6. Meteorologist Andy Hill says:

    It’s amazing how much can change in the two days since my last video! The Atlantic is going buck wild

  7. Mrs. Alma Trumble says:

    Thank you for all you do!! We truly appreciate all you, Andy, and the Y’all squad do.

  8. Sherri Estes -Erwin says:

    Thank you Ryan Hall, Andy Hill and the Y’all squad. Stay safe everyone and check on neighbors and family. The young and old will be affected quickly. Remember your pets too. Stay safe everyone 💜💜☮️

  9. M_ Mince08 says:

    Look, I’ve lived in Louisiana all my life, and I have NEVER seen heat at these temps for days and days, in fact our local weather man in New Orleans said the last time there was anything like this in our area was in the 1930’s during the dust bowl. My grandmother was under 10 years old back then. We are definitely used to heat, but we are so dry right now that fires keep springing up, and there was a fire near the 9th ward in New Orleans this morning. We need rain so so bad. Everyone under this heat dome, please take this heat seriously, stay hydrated, and if there is a burn ban in your area, DO NOT, under any circumstances, burn anything. Watch cigarette butts, grills, just anything that has a spark. Also, sending prayers to those in southern Cali dealing with these floods, I understand how scary those are too, I’ve been through a few of those.

  10. FelixGoodfello says:

    You and Andy hill are awesome thank you all for all you do!

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