AC Milan vs. Real Madrid | Full Game Highlights | ESPN FC

AC Milan vs. Real Madrid | Full Game Highlights | ESPN FC

Check out these highlights from AC Milan’s friendly matchup with Real Madrid in the Rose Bowl.

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49 Responses

  1. Kaitane says:

    The attack really improved after Vinicius and Rodrygo came on. Though it’s preseason, the first half again highlighted some of the flaws from previous seasons such as Kroos should not play as CDM, Mendy underperforming and only one ST in the team is not going to work the whole season. Still, it was good to see positives like Fran and Bellingham playing well.

    • totallynotsc🤞 says:

      exactly, tchouameni should start at cdm, camavinga in lb and we really need a star striker

    • Cameron Walker says:

      @totallynotsc🤞Tchouameni will start at CDM but Cama will not play LB anymore barring injury. Fran & Mendy will rotate with Alaba as an emergency. Let last season go.

    • crispyrock says:

      @Cameron Walkerhow can we let it go if it’s the same things popping up? we need to address them madrid can’t start so slow as always. comebacks won’t happen all the time

    • Eduardo Maldonado says:

      I think it’s still the figuring out phase which is all the preseason is all about I do agree he should not be our cdm we have other players like that having kroos as our cdm really limits his ability to play and distribute the ball I thinking Ancelotti saw that the team looked good however is that 442 diamond very excited to see other combination of players and to see how and where players like guler will fit in and change games overall very fun game to watch and wow that second half with the subs changed the game

    • Willy Doss says:

      I was really happy to see Bellingham and Fran Garcia playing and they played good. It was clear to me that this game was going to bounce back to our favor once i saw Vini jr and Rodrygo coming on.

  2. Davis Morgan says:

    Happy to see Pulisic getting some game time. As a Chelsea fan, it was time for him to move on. I wish him the best!

    • Rodger Murphy says:

      He needed out of Chelsea so badly

    • John Durrer says:

      Chelsea never gave him a real chance. Mount and Havertz were treated so much better than him. They got to play no matter how atrocious they were, and they were ATROCIOUS

    • Alvispy says:

      Glad to see someone from Concacaf doing good

    • Crystal Diamond says:

      I as at the stadium, right by the corner flag where he assisted that goal.. although it was a sea of white, everyone supported Pulisic!

    • Adam Lorentz says:

      @John Durrer You act like Mount has been bad for a long time when he’s been our best player in previous seasons. He put up 10+ goals and assists 2 and 3 seasons ago and won Chelsea’s player of the year award twice for those amazing seasons as well. Mount was just terrible last season, before that he was great.

  3. gthe_goat says:

    As a milan fan I don’t got any excuse 2 of the biggest clubs in history what a match congrats for the comeback to madrid

    • Aidan Lawson says:

      If only all football fans could be as sensible as you, then maybe there would be less toxicity and more enjoyment in watching the beautiful game

    • ZxRy Tags says:

      2 of the biggest clubs? lmao Milan barely reaches top 5☠️Madrid, Barca, united, and Liverpool are all bigger than AC Milan

    • ZxRy Tags says:

      when was the last time Milan won the ucl?

    • Byron Ruiz says:

      @ZxRy Tagshe said “in history” sounds like you just started watching football buddy. Milan is 100% one of the top teams in history, coming sound a Real Madrid fan look at their European success.

    • Sk.Gaming says:

      ​@ZxRy TagsBlud mad because Barca hasn’t won a UCL in a long time,
      7 > 5

  4. 6rey6kie6 says:

    As a Milan fan, im very happy with what i saw today. I don’t care about preseason results, they’re meaningless. We played well overall, the new people looked very promising, and we had no big injuries. This is gonna be a great year for Milan!

  5. Cameron Walker says:

    started slow but picked up quick for both teams. Pulisic stood out for AC milan and Jude for Real madrid. 2nd half was a whole different game for RM. ESPN put this highlight out quick too

    • Weza Chishi says:

      Pulisic stood out from his house not this gama. It is clear he will not be a regular starter. AC Milan is loaded with stars

    • jeffbyron143 says:

      pulisic stood out as the worst player on the pitch, he was awful

    • Sebastian Midar says:

      ​@jeffbyron143I’m sorry what pulisic has the first assist for the first goal and was crucial in attack in the first half wich is why they were leading 2-0 so it’s either you have no knowledge of the game or your just hating on pulisic

    • Sebastian Midar says:

      ​@Weza Chishipulisic was one of the best players for Milan on the pitch today so I’m sure he is going to start but not leaos position obviously

    • Andrés Fernández says:

      @Weza Chishihe was one of the best ones on the field dummy ! 😂

  6. SincereDoper says:

    Good opening game for Pulisic and for Milan, some unfortunate defensive errors cost them the win but they looked strong late and I would love to see what they look like with Giroud, Leao, and Pulisic all on the field at the same time.

    • The Laughing Mustache says:

      I know they need the fitness but I thought Pioli left them on way too long. At half time Madrid does 11 subs and Piolo doesn’t sub until nearly the 70th minute. You could see they were gassed about the 55th.

    • Jeff Gmailaccount says:

      It might happen if Pulisic can stay healthy more than a third of the season.

  7. HRT - Gaming says:

    What a good match. Bellingham is looking really good, he’s gonna succeed. Fran Garcia fast, explosive, and aggressive. Vini first goal as a number 7! Valverde man of the match is completely deserved, made vital interceptions and tackles which lead to dangerous counter attacks, that’s how we hurt AC Milan. On to the next game, Hala Madrid!

    • VRCMF says:

      😂😂😂😂😂 Bellingham didn’t look anything special. Typical English hype

    • Alex Trunzo says:

      @VRCMFI don’t think anyone cares he’s English. Only matters during transfer windows

    • PolkCo863 says:

      @VRCMFYou sound hurt

    • ytnsanw says:

      @VRCMF How is it ‘English hype’? The game was played in the US and broadcast on a US network. Don’t take my word for it though: “It is rare to find player with this kind of quality. He is only 20, so he can improve. We are lucky to have him in our squad. He was fantastic. He has a lot of rhythm, moves well and has quality finding open spaces.” – Carlo Ancelotti.

    • VRCMF says:

      @ytnsanw what in that game did he do that shows ANY special quality

  8. NB23 Prodz says:

    Very fun friendly game to watch ! It’s always one of my favorite times of the year as a football fan to watch all these matches in my home country

  9. PMSA FISHING says:

    Just got back from the stadium, what a match! Both teams gave a great game! What an atmosphere, 80,000 plus in attendance, Madrid with the comeback was the cherry on top! Lol

  10. memoryfilecabinet says:

    I really noticed they’re missing the fast 1-2-3 quick touch passes that Benzema could provide in tight spaces

    • Bryan Castaneda says:

      yeah they are in need of a real striker, losing benzema is noticeable. Hopefully they fix some of those problems soon

    • Skar says:

      Mbappe will help massively in that and can keep up with vini and rodrygo on the counter attacks, he has similar qualities as benzema and can actually playmake as well like benzema, Hopefully he comes this summer.

    • DAKDOODEEE แดกดูดีย์ says:

      @Skar mbape has sped which Benz doesn’t

    • Skar says:

      @DAKDOODEEE แดกดูดีย์ Benzema was really fast when he was younger, even recently he’s not that fast but for his age he’s still pretty fast, he has a long stride.

    • Hazacar Robinson says:

      @Skarif they get Mbappe just hand the the UCL title already,that front 3 is deadly i mean talk about pace on the counter,no team could stop that

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