There is a bit of chaos in an overactive mind but there is also a bit of comedy.

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Art by that guy who stole my drawings in Mrs. Howards class:

Additional animation by:
Zeurel // @Zeurel

Additional music by Kevin MacLeod
the music genius known as Harry James:

Ahhhh. You’re back in the secret corner of the description eh? You know you’re in a secret club right? Don’t let the other know. Ok… here’s the fun link I have to share this week. This playlist is legit GAS! Its great music that helps me on creative sessions or on long drives:

One more for ya:

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35 Responses

  1. @spilleraaron4748 says:

    ADHD is the embodiment of that darth Vader quote “I have altered the deal! Pray I do not alter it further”

  2. @UwUTheCommenter. says:

    The emotional dysregulation is terrible, especially in relationships.

  3. @bird5123 says:

    ADHD is like a boxing match between your brain and your impulsiveness

  4. @jeremiahrespectthedrip5271 says:

    As a person with ADHD I can confirm that this is all true


  5. @runningthemeta5570 says:

    Dude, this is so relatable. I think I’ve got undiagnosed ADHD and I do a lot of these things.

  6. @dr.pepper2241 says:

    I swear having ADHD is like having different people with different opinions in your head

  7. @abyggdin says:

    man the fact swoozie has been consistently putting out the most relatable rants and the best stories for this long is honestly amazing. probably one of if not the most consistent youtubers out there

  8. @RealH4RT says:

    Swoozie never fails to fill us up with his content 🤤

  9. @ravenclawfairy3648 says:

    I showed this to my boyfriend. He immediately said, “Yes. This is accurate. This is why I appreciate how patient you are with me and how you help me stay focused.” ❤️

  10. @agentredhead4612 says:

    Anxiety and ADHD is the worst combination. Your mind wanders to all kinds of topics, and then makes you think about all the bad things associated with each of those topics.

    • @zizi2075 says:

      Omg don’t get me started. I was watching the vid thinking yeah this is definitely me but scaled down. That anxiety make it go CRAZY😭

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