AJ IS BACK | Anthony Joshua vs. Jermaine Franklin Fight Highlights

AJ IS BACK | Anthony Joshua vs. Jermaine Franklin Fight Highlights

April 1, 2023 — Anthony Joshua vs. Jermaine Franklin fight highlights from the O2, London, England.

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45 Responses

  1. DAZN Boxing says:

    Who do you want to see AJ fight next?

  2. Tame Impala says:

    AJ is not the fearsome punching machine of the earlier part of his career. He has evolved into a cautious boxer who is afraid to fight on the inside and excessively afraid to take punches (at the expense of his own output). Yet, he remains a top fighter and fights against Wilder and Fury are worth looking forward to. Franklin is more than useful and the fact that AJ could not get the stoppage is no disappointment as he has an excellent chin.

    • K Duff says:

      @Rek RC he has no shot against Wilder

    • Rek RC says:

      He’ll beat wilder, but fury will beat him.

    • K Duff says:

      He going to sleep again so Wilder & Fury

    • Jet Black Ninja 82 says:

      Ever since he fought Andy Ruiz JR, he’s been reluctant to take risks and letting his hands fly. If he was the fearsome punching machine against Jermaine Franklin, one simple mistake could see the former 2 times heavyweight champ get knocked out.

    • patricio zazzini says:

      it happens to all who lose by KO. happened to Paquiao after Marquez as well.But the question is who Franklin beat of pedigree in his career?

  3. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Notice how Joshua didn’t fade in the later rounds

  4. RU MEZMORIZED says:

    He fought a very safe fight, I think his own comments on he’ll retire if he doesn’t win this one was playing on his mind to much. He shouldn’t have ever spoke that ultimatum into his head, then we might have gotten a more aggressive AJ. At the end of the day maybe he’s trying to maintain that weight and see if he can hold a consistent fight pace over 12 rounds with someone at this level of boxing to bring these experiences with him into future fights. I think when he watches this back he’ll see what he needs to improve on and hopefully implement these things into future fights, this is the rebuild of AJ after all. There was nothing on the line really here so he might as well get that experience under his belt of being at his carrier heaviest and doing the full 12 rounds whilst he’s fighting someone who isn’t a Wilder, Fury ect.

    • RRAGeneral14 says:

      I agree, putting way too much pressure on himself and taking people’s criticism to heart
      He should only listen to his trainer and let his hands go
      These guys don’t care about his wellbeing, so go and take their heads off

  5. Dennis Anthony says:

    I didn’t think wow he’s back when watching this fight very hesitant and didn’t really put his foot on the gas I think this fight shows that he’s on the end track of his career

  6. k odu says:

    I will continue to miss Mike Tyson.

    • james james says:

      ​​@k odu I watched Tyson fight while i lived in Germany too 😂

    • CmdrSoCal says:

      almost all his wins were fake fixed fights or ridiculous cherry picks.

    • Djo-Dji says:

      It was always Mike Tyson, when he won and when he lost. Don’t make excuses for his losses, he doesn’t need them. I watched live all his matches, he never defeated a great opponent.

    • Oneironaut Indigo says:

      You guys realize one clean hit from one of these heavyweights is all it takes to KO their opponent you have to be smart in there

    • John C says:

      No, the prime Iron Mike at 21 who destroyed the world before he started to sell destruct

  7. keith moss says:

    Fire has gone out inside Anthony. Boxes like a chess player

  8. Ace Fully says:

    Credit to Franklin, he’s a decent fighter

  9. Who me me says:

    Watching AJ box, is like watching a boxing game on the PlayStation one.

  10. Bill says:

    Credit to both fighters, AJ was in control and we saw glimpses of his spiteful combinations, he’s coming off 2 losses with a magician, anybody who slates him hasn’t been in a fight 💯your going to have hesitation when there’s so much riding on him but step by step we see him coming back into his own, fully behind him let’s get it AJ🥊💨

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