San Diego State vs. Florida Atlantic – Final Four NCAA tournament extended highlights

San Diego State vs. Florida Atlantic – Final Four NCAA tournament extended highlights

San Diego State needed a furious second-half comeback and an incredible buzzer-beater from Lamont Butler to hold off FAU and and advance to its first National Championship game in program history. Watch all the highlights from the Final Four thriller here.

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52 Responses

  1. StephCurran says:

    Somewhere kawhi has the biggest smile on his face while having the straightest face possible

  2. Richard says:

    I’m from San Diego that was the greatest play in sd history!! The bar went crazy

    • Avery Daymond says:

      Why aren’t y’all giving thanks where thanks is deserved? Yes that last second shot was amazing but please note VLADISLAV GOLDIN contribution to your victory. I realize he supposedly played for the other team but he came through for y’all time and again. He bobbled the ball out of bounds , turned it over many times , mishandled multiple rebounds and missed multiple free throws. He was huge for y’all.

    • Crenshaw Boulevard says:

      Im from lemon grove southeast live right across the street from the lemon right by trolley station

    • Clyde Swadener says:

      @Richard nice

    • Richard says:

      @Clyde Swadener we were in OB at wonderland

    • Past Wilson says:

      Same. If they could pull it off it be our 1st championship since the AFL-NFL merger

  3. Scott Childs says:

    Ive never witnessed a San Diego team play in such a big championship game. No Chargers, No Padres, but now Aztecs did it. Playing for glory. San Diego needs this.

    • Phillip Payne says:

      Chargers won in the AFL .1966?

    • Roma Invicta says:

      We all know what Dan diego really means tho.. a whales…

    • ChuckBukeThompsonTenBrandChinaskiLoathingLegendary says:

      @Ben Law, but second place is first loser, so.

    • Jr says:

      UConn by 12

    • Scott Childs says:

      I can tell reading comprehension is hard for you people. I said “I have never witnessed” I am fully aware the chargers made a SB in the 94 season. I was born 3 months before the game. And the Padres in 98. I don’t count being 3 months old/ 4 years old “witnessing” those teams playing in the SB and WS. Well considering I literally didn’t watch those games i didn’t witness them. I was alive, but didn’t consciously watch them. Sheesh. 🙄🙄🙄

  4. Anthony Zapf says:

    The last shot was like an MJ move. Wow!! Well done, SDSU!!

  5. Mark Jacobson says:

    Wow, good call by Dutch to let them play and not call a time out. Butler did it. What an ending!! So happy for my team.

    • Trevor Regay says:

      @ChuckBukeThompsonTenBrandChinaskiLoathingLegendary LOL!…Not really wrong….who knows what the outcome would have been had they done what you speak of….if could have very easily been Florida Atlantic having the last shot instead since it may have forced them to foul SDSU as well…..and hope for missed foul shots just to get the ball back…….sometimes these games just get decided on pure luck….as to who gets the ball last and whether they can make “the shot”….great game!

    • ChuckBukeThompsonTenBrandChinaskiLoathingLegendary says:

      When they came out of the first timeout, when there were 36 seconds remaining, I thought SDSU should have fouled and put FAU at the line and hoped they missed at least one free throw, but even if they made both, SDSU would have control over their potential outcome to either win or tie the game, instead of hoping they got the rebound from a missed shot with only six seconds remaining to go full court and get a shot off in time?

      Boy was I wrong! 😝

    • David Fhth says:

      the coaches said after the game that they never call a timeout because fastbreak cause the defense to be less set. coach said it was carryover from the steve fisher era, thats how long theyve implented that philosophy! how cool is that

    • Max F says:

      @D’Brickashawtavious Na it was brilliant make or miss. Letting the defense get set with just 5 seconds left would have been a disaster.

    • D'Brickashawtavious says:

      If he missed you wouldn’t be saying that.

  6. BE C says:

    WOW! That game was One Shining Moment for SDSU. Both teams played a heck of a game. What a shot by San Diego State at the buzzer to win it. Moments like this are what make March Madness so special. Hats off to Florida Atlantic for having a season to remember.

    • ChuckBukeThompsonTenBrandChinaskiLoathingLegendary says:

      @Mickey Scott, Charles said it at halftime: “They’re letting them play.”

    • Mickey Scott says:

      @ChuckBukeThompsonTenBrandChinaskiLoathingLegendary mmm… should work both ways… FAU players got mauled at time with no whistles being blown. It’s ok 👌

    • ChuckBukeThompsonTenBrandChinaskiLoathingLegendary says:

      @Mickey Scott, *_”Refs helped sd”_*

      Or, FAU helped SDSU by fouling them? 😝

  7. JJ Brothers says:

    Dude my dad couldn’t stop screaming! He graduated from SDSU. He was going crazy!!!! GO AZTECS! ❤️🖤

  8. Maddox123 says:

    This was a crazy game… different teams this year is kinda fun… credits to SDSU for the crazy shot at the end! Very close game!

  9. arizjones says:

    How many offensive rebounds did San Diego get in that second half? That was a big game changer.


      @W yep cuz it’s an L take cuz your making the excuse ok The refs

    • Tarfa The Wise says:

      Craziest part was most of them came off of missed free throws. Lol. If SD was making the free shots that game was over. Gatta hit the free shots, but you’ll take the win.

    • Eric Triplett says:

      Did you see the crowd shot of former Michigan coach Steve Fisher in the crowd … when camera was focused on him you could read his lips and he held up 5 fingers and said “5 offensive rebounds” (like in previous 2-3 possessions).

    • Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

      @W don’t even get started with that bs with all the No-calls on Bradley lol

  10. Tim Tsai says:

    This last shot is PURE

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