American Horror Story: Delicate | Official Teaser – Rock-a-Bye | FX

American Horror Story: Delicate | Official Teaser – Rock-a-Bye | FX

Listen closely #AHSFX

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Since 2011, creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have redefined the horror genre with various chapters of “American Horror Story” featuring a creepy asylum, a coven of witches, a travelling freak show, a haunted hotel and the apocalypse itself.

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American Horror Story: Delicate | Official Teaser – Rock-a-Bye | FX

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40 Responses

  1. FX Networks says:

    “Cradle and all.”

  2. merlinhoot says:

    The only thing that is making me tune in is the fact that the showrunner has changed from Ryan Murphy to someone else, and the writers are different. So hopefully it’ll be an all together different vibe than the last few seasons which I’m really hoping for because AHS needs a new vision and change of pace.

    Edit: Some of the comments seem to have not done any research on this season so firstly-

    Kim Kardashian is going to be playing an exaggerated version of herself, like a parody. They wrote the role specifically for her. She isn’t going to have a role that’s super dramatic and asks for major acting, why would they do that? So no, she isn’t the reason the season is gonna suck. That’s just the bandwagon hate that comes with anything a Kardashian is tied to.

    Secondly, Ryan Murphy and the old writers have nothing to do with this season, the showrunner is now a woman and she is basing the season off of an upcoming horror novel.

    • kassjazzy says:

      Finally some good news

    • Natehatetrain says:

      Thank you for the Kim comment! People literally go straight to hating lol

    • Kristine L says:

      An exaggerated version of her herself? Um…That sounds awful.

      There’s one actress in this trailer and two people who think they can act.

      And the book comes out in less than two weeks. The review I read said that you can read it in one sitting. Part of the fun of this show has been the unpredictability. Unless they dramatically change the story from the book, everything will be revealed on August 1. (If you choose to read it.)

    • merlinhoot says:

      @Kristine L Then.. read the book and don’t watch the show if you don’t like the actors and the story? That’s all I can say.

    • Milanya says:

      @merlinhoot You ate that😏

  3. Lfuan says:

    The teaser give hotel,cult,apocalypse vibes I’m here for it !

    • Karel Čtvrtek says:

      Yes I feel the same vibes

    • Jayden Havens says:

      I feel the vibes of disappointment this is gonna be as sad as the last few seasons

    • StephenCurry says:

      @Jayden Havenswdym the last few seasons? Pretty much all of the seasons are good except NYC that one was terrible lol

    • Christian says:

      Are u serious? Its not giving any of those. Its giving coven only

    • Lfuan says:

      @Christian where do you see coven in that….?
      All of the women who turn in a cercle like in the coven teaser
      The demon with the baby apocalypse teaser
      The blue,red color give cult and apocalypse
      And the look give hotel

  4. Lord Charles says:

    In my experience the trailers are usually the best thing about AHS these days but I will tune in yet again in the hope it will be as great as it was back in the beginning

    • mariely ramirez says:

      Boys Emma Roberts isn’t back in the show OK Google can’t deny that that girl make that show sew iconically it like it’s just it that’s it is it 😂😂😂😂😂😂 it is the move Emma Roberts is the move she finna make that better cuz the past isn’t she she remember she left like 4 like what for three seasons I think and now she’s back and I cannot wait till she’s back I am so excited to see my homegirl be in the show again I can’t wait I feel like just buy her being back in the show acting like this means that this season is good it’s like really good and I’m going to actually watch the show again because you got my homegirl Emma Roberts in there!!!!! Ooooo so excited!!!!

    • Blue Prada says:

      and we know it won’t

    • Kiki B says:

      We keep hoping, don’t we? Fingers crossed, but we won’t hold our collective breath 😋.

    • Honey says:


    • Honey says:

      @mariely ramirezi think i had a stroke. what ?!

  5. Queen Of Madness says:

    It’s the first time I’m watching an entire season, I marathoned all seasons this year, I’m kind of new to the fandom

  6. Вася Эпиков says:

    I hope the new season will be at the level of the very first seasons!

    • mariely ramirez says:

      I feel like it will be especially since Emma Roberts is in this new season I cannot wait at the like I feel like I know it’s going to be good if she’s I literally can’t wait to hear all her Beach side comments she makes in the scenes

    • Blue Prada says:

      It’s been years…this show is just hot garbage now

    • Rico Rich says:

      Join the choir. We’ve been saying that for yearsss the new seasons arent bad just dont feel as developed.

    • Blue Prada says:

      @Rico Rich they are bad why are you lying to yourself cmon now. you know that’s not true. its okay to have like the first few seasons and now think it’s crap. it’s not written as well and the majority of people aren’t even on the show anymore.

    • Dima El says:

      We all know that will not happened 🤷🏻

  7. Luis Francisco Gutierrez Lizarazo says:

    Ojalá que Disney le de la oportunidad a Ryan Murphy de hacer una serie animada mucho más oscura y compleja que american horror story.
    Y que tenga el estilo de animación de las enredadas aventuras de Rapunzel pero con clasificación TV MA LSV.
    O que Chris Sonnenburg y Ryan Murphy trabajen juntos para mezclar La excentrica princesa Rapunzel con el sombrío mundo 🌎🌍 de american Horror Story.
    En mi opinión, Rapunzel sería Batgirl en el mundo de American horror story.

  8. Shajjü says:

    As much as i’m hyped for this i hope the show lives up to it. Thank God Emma is back, Cara has AHS written all over her ever since i saw her, the only concern is Kim, love her as a celebrity but i’m very curious how she’s gonna deliver the part. 😭

    • bella says:

      I heard someone say she isn’t playing a major role, so I wouldn’t worry much

    • ThisIsLanaBanana. says:

      Yea should have got lady gaga instead

    • Caleb Casas says:

      They said she has been taking acting lessons to prepare for this role let’s see how it pays off

    • Megan Young says:

      Yea well cara isnt exactly an amazing actress, either. But idk, Kim’s been, like, faking everything her entire life for cameras 😂, maybe shell be an amazing actress now. Almost reflex-like.

  9. No one cares says:

    You never know Kim Kardashion could take this really seriously and do really good

    • Megan Young says:

      Well…she has “acted” for cameras her entire adult life 🤷‍♀️…lol. So who knows it could come naturally by now? Lmao.
      All jokes aside, she seems to be the one who will focus enough on trying something to where she gets good at it…or thinks shes good at it. Like, she wanted to be a lawyer, and now shes in law school. Idk…it may just be things I’ve heard her say here and there bc I’m not a big watcher of the show these days…like this decade lol. But you see clips and all and I’ve heard her talking abt being a perfectionist and not giving up on stuff.
      Lol man idk I’ve strayed so far from where I began…I’m going to bed hah

    • K R says:

      She was in a movie Called Temptation by Tyler Perry, she did well, but was kinda herself, idk about her doing eerie type acting, but we shall see💀

  10. Alan Torres says:

    I’m actually excited for this season!!!🖤🖤🖤

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